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General Histopathologist (accepting IMG applications)

99,532 - 131,964
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Job Description

This is a good opportunity for any FRCPath or European-qualified histopathologists to join a friendly, high calibre department in the North East of England. The department are looking for experienced but hungry histopathologists to join them for a long-term post, and the trust will support candidates working on the Portfolio Pathway in Histopathology (formerly known as CESR). The trust will consider both UK and overseas applicants.

What is the NHS Foundation Trust like?

The NHS Foundation Trust serves as a district general hospital, providing essential healthcare services to the local population. Under its management, various healthcare facilities in the region. Consistent positive evaluations from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) underscore its commitment to delivering high-quality patient care, safety, and efficiency. The catchment area of this trust encompasses the north east, ensuring residents have access to comprehensive healthcare close to home. Through its services, the trust plays a vital role in promoting community health and well-being, contributing to a stronger, healthier population.

What is the department & team like?

The department have been centralized at a state-of-the-art Pathology Centre located at the NHS Foundation Trust's main hospital. These services cater to the local population in the North East. The consolidation of Cellular Pathology Services, completed in 2014, marks an innovative reorganization in pathology services. Satellite hot lab facilities are available at the NHS Foundation Trust's other sites. The NHS Foundation Trust leads this service, and the appointed individual will be contracted.

Pathologists are equipped with high-quality IT infrastructure to facilitate remote attendance at Multidisciplinary Team Meetings (MDTs). In cases where physical presence is required, a departmental electric car or a hopper service is available for transportation. Digital pathology implementation is underway progressively for pathologists interested in participation.

Career Development & Further Opportunities Available

The department will in time be moving towards a specialist reporting model and there will be opportunity to carve out your lead role in either the GI, head & neck, and urology sub-specialties. 

Life in North East

The North East of England offers a diverse mix of rural landscapes and urban centers, providing doctors with a range of living options. Residents can explore historic sites like Hadrian's Wall or enjoy scenic walks along the Northumberland coast. The area boasts reputable schools and universities such as Durham University. Transportation links are efficient, connecting the region to major cities like Newcastle and Sunderland, as well as airports for convenient travel. Housing options vary from picturesque villages to modern city apartments, accommodating different preferences and lifestyles.


Non-EEA candidates: 

  • FRCPath
  • Experience in Histopathology

EEA candidates: 

  • Specialist certification in Histopathology
  • Experience in Histopathology 

UK candidates: 

  • CCT, CESR or within 6-12 months of specialist registration 
  • Experience in Histopathology
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