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N Radiology Consultant supporting CESR Applications

84,559 - 114,003

Job Description

A University Health Board in Wales is recruiting senior Radiologists that are looking to attain Specialist Registration in the NHS via CESR. 

Radiologist with interests in all sub-specialisms will be considered with a range of different hospitals to be based out of.

The position will offer 9 hours of non-clinical work or SPAs within the job plan for Audit, Teaching and Professional Development

Job details:

The Health Board provides diagnostic imaging services across all four of their general hospitals with additional imaging in several community hospitals. These include CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, diagnostic cardiac angiography, mammography, fluoroscopy, general radiology, theatre radiology and mobile radiography. The imaging systems include computed radiography (CR) technology and digital radiography (DR) mobiles.

Equipment available: 

The combined Radiology Department within the Health Board is equipped with the


  • MRI scanners on each site:
    • Siemens–Aeva1.5T
    • SiemensMagnetomSola1.5T o PPH–GE1.5T
    • GE1.5T
  • 4 GE CT750HD GSI CT Scanners
  • 12 Ultrasound rooms equipped with Toshiba, Philips, GE and Samsung ultrasound units.
  • 4 C-arm digital screening rooms: Toshiba Ultimax and Philips MD4
  • Fuji CR system at on all sites
  • Full Picture Archiving and Communications System provided by Fuji systems

This role will provide excellent support to international doctors that are new to the NHS. All the hospitals support their new doctors with complete inductions, followed by a structured departmental induction, shadowing of an existing doctor.

The Health Board also runs a successful Consultant Development and Mentoring programme for newly appointed Consultants aimed at developing you as a senior leader to enable you to contribute effectively in leadership capacities in the Health Board and NHS in general.


For IMGs the trust run a well-established CESR programme, recently redevoped to ensure greater success. Unlike most locations in the UK, this job will provide you with a full and structured CESR Programme

Relocation expenses: 

Full details of the relocation package can be sent to you should you receive an offer however the package is to the value of either £4,000 (12 month contract) or £8,000 (24 month contract) and is reimbursed via your first month’s salary. Key expenses that are claimable include following:

  • Travel expenses including flights and hotels in transit (for the employee only)
  • house removals and storage
  • insurance of domestic belongings in transit

Requirements for this position are:
  • FRCR / FRANZCR / FFR RCSI / FC Rad (Diag)
  • IELTS or OET (can be completed post interview)
  • Consultant experience in radiology

The locations are fantastic for families or those who like areas of natural beauty and wildlife.

This is a great opportunity for Radiologists new to the NHS, looking to further their career in Radiology, attain Specialist Registration via CESR or CCT. 

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