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  • October 08, 2019

We have recently been asked by IMGs what an NHS consultant doctor could expect as monthly take-home pay.

So, to help overseas doctors plan for life in the UK, we put together some examples to give a better idea of what you'll actually keep each month. We hope they are of use!

How much will I take home?

Firstly, take home pay in the UK is the amount that you will receive in your bank account after all deductions have been made from your annual salary. Deductions include Income Tax, National Insurance and NHS pensions. 

It is important to state that this is just a guideline. We have based our figures on the gross salary for each pay threshold and have assumed that you do not have other sources of income. 

The figures can be higher or lower depending on any additional responsibilities or hours worked, other sources of income you have, your final tax bracket, whether you opt out of pension, and whether you claim for your tax-deductible expenses.

Take home pay expectations:

Consultant Doctor Scale

Annual gross salary*

Estimated average monthly take home pay **

























*before tax and pension
**based on standard salary and not inclusive of additional payments for extra hours worked or pension deductions

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