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  • February 12, 2020

Many overseas doctors preparing for their FRCEM or MRCEM Emergency Medicine examinations wonder if they should take a course as part of their preparation. In short, we advise that all IMGs should attend as many courses as possible. The knowledge gained on an MRCEM or FRCEM course goes well beyond the exam. 

One issue is of course that courses cost a considerable amount of money, but if you consider that taking a course increases your chances exponentially of passing the examinations first time, the cost is offset by not having to pay to re-sit.

Finding courses can be tricky, so take some time to work out what you specifically need help with and the stage you are at in the process. Search online to find the course that will suit your needs the most.

Speak to your peers, some may have attended a course that they felt had a positive impact on the learning and preparation. 
Once you think you have found a course that suits your needs, such as an MRCEM OSCE course, check reviews posted by other IMGs to be sure of the quality of the tutoring. 

When purchasing the Emergency Medicine course, if you have found a course that suits your needs, has good reviews recommendations from your peers, then it will likely be worth the investment. As a direct result, you will likely pass the exams much quicker, helping you to secure the Emergency Medicine job that you want in the NHS. 

If you need some advice on choosing an Emergency Medicine MRCEM or FRCEM course to help you on your journey to securing a job in the NHS, don’t hesitate to get in touch with IMG Connect. 

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