FRCPath Histopathology Part 2 - Details for International Candidates

  • May 02, 2022

In response to the high number of enquiries we've had from overseas pathologists about the arrangements for the Autumn sitting of the FRCPath Histopathology Part 2 exam, we've been in contact with the Royal College of Pathologists and have summarised these updates under the headings below.

When will the FRCPath Histopathology Part 2 exam be held?

The publicised dates for the exam are Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 October 2022, although these are subject to change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The withdrawal deadline for the exams is Friday 15 July 2022.

Can I sit the FRCPath Histopathology Part 2 exam in Autumn 2022?

The RCPath guidance which asks candidates to wait to sit the Part 2 exam the year after passing the Part 1 exam was in place to avoid overwhelming the limited capacity of the exam centres. Those who were successful in the Spring 2021 Part 1 exam are able to sit the Part 2 exam in Spring 2022. If the College needs to prioritise bookings, it will be done in the same way as previously. Therefore, if there is a requirement for candidates who have passed in Spring 2022 to wait until Spring 2023 to apply, a notice will be put on the News section of the examinations page around the end of May/ beginning of June.

It is therefore important to check regularly for updates to the examinations page, which you can do here.

Where can I sit the FRCPath Histopathology Part 2 exam in Autumn 2022?

Details on the Autumn 2022 sitting of FRCPath Part 2 have yet to be finalised, howevever, unlike Spring 2022, it may be possible to arrange to sit the exam in Irbid (Jordan), Dubai (UAE) or Cairo (Egypt) if there are sufficient applicants. The availability of FRCPath Part 2 examination centres outside of the UK will be indicated on the Royal College website (when the application window opens for Autumn 2022 at the end of May) and candidates should contact the Examinations Department to express their interest in taking the exam in the available centre when they make their application.

We therefore advise that you keep a eye on the RCPath application page here.

Will the College have any microscopes available for me to use for the exam?

The College's overall policy is that the College and centres have no obligation to provide microscopes. Candidates can bring their own as this is equipment they are familiar with, or can hire a microscope. Some overseas centres may be more able to provide microscopes and if that is the case it would be stated on the letter sent to candidates with their centre confirmation. 

If you would like to borrow a mircoscope for your FRCPath Histopathology Part 2 exam, we advise that you check well in advance what the options are for your chosen centre, or are available to you online. 

If you have any further questions about the FRCPath exams, your route to the UK as an overseas histopathologist, or any other aspect of GMC Registration, the NHS or relocating to the UK, please get in touch with us here.  

We'd also like to invite you to join the IMG Histopathologists online community - as well as support on Royal College exams, our Facebook group of international pathologists and dedicated pathology recruiters offers guidance on other aspects of working in the UK, including finding NHS posts and CESR. 

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