Specialty Doctor in Emergency Medicine job, with CESR programme

  • May 02, 2022

Experienced overseas Emergency Medicine trust doctors, or consultants who have completed specialist training, can apply for specialty doctor posts in the NHS with CESR programmes included in the job plan. 

So, if you are committed, motivated and enthusiastic in embracing the CESR application once in the UK, this could be the best route towards gaining entry to the specialist register. Many trusts are piloting such projects, which will support you via a CESR programme tailored to your needs.

Specialist Register for Emergency Medicine

All consultants (other than a locum consultant appointments) must be on the specialist register of the General Medical Council (GMC). To be eligible to apply for specialist registration with the GMC, doctors must have successfully completed a GMC-approved training programme leading to CCT, or applied for a certificate confirming Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR).

Doctors who have not completed a full GMC-approved training programme and wish to have their training, qualifications and experience assessed for eligibility for entry onto the specialist register must make an application under The General and Specialist Medical Practice Order for a CESR.

Working with IMG Connect & our NHS Clients

Working with our NHS clients, we are offering CESR Specialty doctor roles, with the opportunity of being mentored by CESR Consultants to guide you in your application toward CESR and to participate in a job plan that is tailored to your needs.

Such CESR programmes are locally developed and targeted for both International Doctors coming to work in the NHS and non-trainees wanting to apply for a CESR in Emergency Medicine.

As an Emergency Medicine doctor your CESR programme will include dedicated one-to-one mentoring and a course mapped on the GMC domains for successful completion of your application. 

Benefits of the CESR programme

Such Specialty doctor vacancies will give you the benefit of support on your journey to achieving consultant status, give you the opportunity to adapt to working in the NHS, and help you to further your career at the most senior level. 

Furthermore, job plans will typically provide you with a dedicated mentor for CESR applicants by Emergency Medicine CESR Consultants who will take you through the application process.

In some circumstances practical experience will be delivered via simulation and workshops where you are at the centre of the learning experience.

Most NHS trusts have experienced Emergency Medicine CESR consultants who will be available to give you support, mentorship and coaching.

The post are intended to provide the emergency medicine clinician with the support and training required to successfully complete all aspects of the CESR process and attain specialist registration, allowing you to take a substantive emergency medicine post and work as a consultant in the NHS. 

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