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Abigail Thurston-Hobbs

Candidate Resourcer

A country bumpkin growing up in the beautiful Sussex countryside Abi has now found herself in Hoxton, East London - what happened there! Well - we're lucky to have her so we won't question it :-)

An avid-traveller and serial-sun-seeker, when not working Abi will be found on a beach with her head buried in a crime thriller, or working out which part of the UK is next for her to explore. Often referred to as an ‘old soul’ - Abi is passionate about old films & music and an ability to sniff out any 80's karaoke night within a 1-mile radius.

Yet to be presented with her office nickname, we'll be sure to update this page once it takes shape. Nonetheless, Abi has brought all her curiosity, intelligence, and energy to her work with IMG Connect. The latest addition to our growing family, Abi has joined the IMG Team to specialise in helping oncologists, histopathologists, microbiologists and psychiatrists to find work in the NHS and relocate to the UK!


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