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Elliot Corner

Recruitment Consultant - Oncology, Cancer Care

Elliot grew up in the seaside town of Brighton, UK, and their sunny, cheerful personality & eternally optimistic disposition reflects those breezy south coast shores! With a background in education as a classically trained violinist and viola player Elliot has spent nearly a decade mentoring adults and children through auditions, interviews, undergraduate diplomas, and music exams - accumulating a wealth of knowledge in performance psychology along the way. This has proven to be very helpful in preparing IMG Connect's wonderful doctors for job interviews, as helping people to perform at their best during unfamiliar or anxiety-inducing situations comes naturally to them. 

Elliot specialises in oncology recruitment, and has fast become another resident expert in everything you'll need for your journey to the UK as a medical or clinical oncologist. With extensive knowledge and understanding of the MRCP and FRCR (Oncology) exams, as well as interview preparation and techniques, Elliot helps oncologists to navigate their job search and relocation to the UK. As Elliot continues to develop their expertise in CESR applications for both medical and clinical oncology, they are certainly a good person to know for any overseas oncologist looking to build their career and accreditations in the UK. 

Elliot insisted on us noting in this bio that they continue to be available for birthday parties (granted the appropriate leave requests from work, of course). Elliot does a cracking violin rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion, we've heard it, and trust us - it's an absolute banger. 10/10.

P.S. the last part may have been written by Elliot...


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