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Shailesh Reddy Pothula Boguda

Recruitment Executive - Medicine

Introducing our very own nutrition guru – Shailesh. He is currently working as our Medicine specialist and proving to be quite the wizard when it comes to health and wellbeing. Coming from a background in customer service, coupled with his extensive knowledge of the human body, he can seek out the most qualified doctors to provide exceptional and bespoke care for their patients.


Shailesh has a deep passion & understanding of the sciences. Since amassing several qualifications in physics and mathematics, he realises there is more to understanding the human body, so has gone on to expand his knowledgebase in nutrition and biomedicine – after all, we are what we eat!


If you are looking for a job in Medicine, it’s safe to say you can trust Shailesh to guide you on your path to find something suitable and spiritually satisfying.



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