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Chloe Snowsill

Marketing Executive

Joining our wonderful marketing team, Chloe brings along several years of experience in the field. Not happy with just working... Chloe also put her mind to completing a degree in Business Marketing, graduating with a First Class Honors in 2021. When she's not working or studying, Chloe can be found hanging out with Hugo the French Bulldog, recently adopted and the newest of the fam. 

Although born and raised in historic Surrey, Chloe has claimed her Irish heritage as a Galwegian, with family routes in the Tribes of Galway. 

Chloe's role involves marketing and education, working closely with our IMG community, helping us to develop our company brand, and ensure that the NHS is supported with many more outstanding placements of permanent doctors. 

Welcome to the team, Chloe! (and Hugo). 



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