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Our Values

At IMG Connect we take our social responsibility seriously; from the service we provide to our customers to our impact on the environment around us. Our core values & integrity are the foundation for everything we do.

Our Recruitment Practices:

Honesty, clarity and diligence are the three values with which we conduct our business. We will always speak to our candidates before submitting their CV, be clear about their qualifications and motivations to our clients, whilst communicating clearly & promptly to both parties throughout the recruitment process. We believe this is the only way to conduct our business and should be the basis for any customer service relationship.

Furthermore we are officially recongised by NHS Employers as an Ethical International Recruitment Agency and are listed on their Code of Practice list found here.

Our Terms of Business:

Our values are reflected in our terms of business, and our agency works to standard agency introduction finders fees, with rebates to protect our client's interest in the unlikely event that a candidate leaves their position early. Our terms of business are clear and not written to 'catch anyone out', and we will only invoice to our clients once the doctor has started their position with their employer. We do not recruit agency locum doctors and only work with doctors that will go onto a hospitals payroll. 

Our Service to Doctors:

IMG Connect offers a free and comprehensive service for any international doctor wanting to work in the NHS. We provide expert & clear guidance on every stage a doctor must go through when attempting to secure a permanent role in the NHS, with a relationship and system in place that works way beyond a doctor’s placement to ensure their happiness and retention.

Our Carbon Footprint:

Our carbon impact is minimal, and we work hard to maintain this. By composting our food waste, economising our travel, using less electricity and only using green energy companies we ensure our carbon footprint is as low as we can practically keep it. Our office is stocked with fruit and vegetables that are grown locally and cooked in house daily for our team. 

Ethical Banking:

We only use banks that invest ethically and in line with the values with which we run our business. This includes avoiding banks that that invest in fossil fuels and banking with those that invest towards a sustainable future for our planet.

Plastic-free and paper-free office:

As much as possible, we do not use single use plastic in our office and day to day operations. Our office is stocked with fruit and vegetables from the shops and markets in our community whilst we cook in-house & eat as a team every day using the crockery and cutlery in our kitchen.

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