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Haematology is a demanding yet well regarded specialty in the NHS, offering opportunities in research, academia and the balance of ward and laboratory based activities. It is an area of much demand in the UK. 

What are the requirements for an overseas haematologist to work in the UK?

The qualification route you take may differ depending on your experience and years working in pathology, and there are more middle grade opportunities available for haematologists than some other pathology specialties. Regardless of grade or experience, satisfying an english language requirement and attaining full GMC registration are both essential to working in the UK.

  • IELTS or OET or an acceptable emloyers reference (ask your IMG consultant if this applies to you). This requirement applies to all candidates not already registered with the GMC.
  • FRCPath Haematology is a desirable qualification for candidates not holding a recognised european qualification.
  • MRCP UK is the desirable additional qualfication for candidates not holding a recognised european qualification. There are some GMC recognised equivalent qualifications to the MRCP UK - please ask your IMG consultant if you are unsure.  
  • PLAB will also facilitate GMC registration for non-EEA qualified candidates. 
  • EEA applicants may be able to register for general and specialist registration if they have a Relevant European Qualification (REQ).

IMG Resource Library

If you have not already, check out our IMG Library where you can find out more about IELTS or OET, GMC Registration, MRCP UK and FRCPath Heamatology. Additionally, this article may help you to understand the journey an anatomical pathologist can take to work in the UK: A Pathologist's Route to the UK

What should you know about Haematology in the UK? 

Whilst the specialty has coverage from both the Royal College of Physicians (Medicine) and the Royal College of Pathologists - a new curriculum was implemented as of August 2021 and is under the scope of the Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board. UK trainees will typically pass MRCP UK during core training years before entering haematology specialty training, completing five further years. UK consultants will have both MRCP UK and full FRCPath Haematology by the time they are awarded their CCT. 

For overseas candidates, holding both MRCP UK and FRCPath will give access to most senior job opportunities, of which there are many across the UK. Support with CESR applications can be arranged from there on in with future employers. 

NHS haematology also offers the opportunity to develop special interests in a wide variety of clinical and laboratory areas including haemogloginopathies, haemostasis and thrombosis, paediatric haematology, transfusion medicine, haemato-oncology, bone marrow transplantation. 

What can you expect from a typical working week in the NHS?

You can expect to work 40-hours per week encompassing both clinical and laboratory practice. This dual role provides a unique opportunity to combine clinical skills with appropriate, often cutting edge, science to make a diagnosis, choose the optimal treatment plan and monitor progress. Clinical care is delivered in both in-patient and out-patient environments and an NHS haematologist will frequently contribute to the diagnosis and management in other specialties and in the intensive care setting. This holistic approach to clinical care is a highlight of the specialty.

Did you know? William Hewson, often referred to as the father of haematology, was a British-born surgeon, physiologist and anatomist. Amongst many of the notable contributions, his most widely-recognised was in isolating fibrin, a key protein in the blood coagulation process.

£79,000 - £108,000
Working for one of the largest acute trusts and district general hospitals in the South East, haematologists are invited to apply today for this exciting role with a university hospital with strong links to top London hospitals. This is an excellent opportunity for doctors who have UK experience, but have not yet completed their CESR, or those are ready to step up into a locum consutlant role after some years working as a senior middle grade in haematology.

The Haematology Team

The haematology team comprises five substantive consultants, 2 specialty doctors, 1 SpR, 3 junior doctors & 2 clinical nurse specialists who provide inpatient and outpatient services for the surrounding towns. There is an 8b Senior Manager for Blood Sciences, an 8a Transfusion Manager; there is one Band 7 Transfusion Practitioner, 4 band 7, 6 band 6 and 4 band 5 biomedical scientists. A new Band 8a haematology manager post has been approved.

The Department & Service:

There is also a dedicated haemato-oncology ward with 18 patient capacity as well as day unit for delivery of chemotherapy & a busy outpatient service.

A Level 2 Haemato-Oncology service is delivered on dedicated McMillan supported Ward in addition to a specialist Day Chemotherapy Unit for treatment of Haemato-Oncology and Oncology patients. 

Inpatient capacity is 18 beds most of them are single rooms and there is close collaboration with King’s College Hospital for referral for autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplantation and well as use of specialist integrated haemato-pathology diagnostic services (SIMDS). Currently the Haematology laboratory performs an average 700 FBC tests, 475 coagulation tests and 100 blood bank tests daily.

Adult medicine also has an 18 bedded specialist Haematology ward run by our 4 clinical Haematologists. There is also a dedicated outpatient haemato-oncology day unit run by specially trained nurses. The unit is used by Haematology and by the regional Oncology Service as a satellite treatment site from their base. An adjacent medical infusion suite also provides transfusion, blood product and other infusion support; this is also nurse led. The haematology service also has close relationships with ITU and HDU, which regularly provide support for our critically ill patients.

Requirements for this role:

To be eligible for this role it is advised that you should have the following:
  • FRCPath (ideally in full and in haematology)
  • MRCP UK 
  • Extensive expereince at consultant grade in haematology
  • Ideally some NHS experience
  • Empathetic, caring and team player type of personality
  • Willingness to learn, adapt and strive for improvement
£79,000 - £108,000
This respected hospital trust in the greater Manchester area are looking to appoint 2 consultant haematologists to expand the haematology service. With support offered for overseas candidates, whilst those applying from within the UK will be given support for CESR if not already on the specialist register, or opportunities to take on leadership and development roles if already holding CCT or CESR.

The Haematology Team:

The friendly department has 2 current substantive Consultant Haematologists and one locum Consultant Haematologist, 10 Consultants in Histopathology, 4 Consultant Microbiologists and 2 Consultant Biochemists. Across both sites there are two full time Speciality Doctors in haematology and a CMT2 doctor. The Haematology service is also supported by 2wte Haematologist cancer nurse specialists.

The Haematology Department:
The trust provides a clinical and laboratory service, managing a full range of haematological conditions to BCSH level 2a. Clinical haematology in-patient beds are shared with Integrated Care team.

The modern Blood Sciences laboratory is ISO15189 UKAS Accredited and the trust holds a weekly independent haemato-oncology MDT, with diagnostic services provided by HMDS Leeds and Radiotherapy services provided by a neighboring hospital trust.

The MDT is highly rated in the recent cancer peer review. Autologous transplant services are provided by a local hospital trust.

The Haematology MDT has met the QSIS standard at a higher level across the region. The diagnostic service is provided by the Haematological Malignancy Diagnostic Service at The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The Department of Blood Sciences is UKAS accredited.

Job Description & Duties:

Development of an area of special interest will be encouraged and the post holder will be expected to participate in the on-call rota, providing advice and clinical help across hospital and community. The successful candidate is expected to undertake Clinics at two sites.

They have active educational programmes and the post holder is expected to participate in Core Medical Trainee and undergraduate teaching. Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine All major disciplines are included with the exception of Virology and Immunology which are centralised at Preston.


Requirements for this post are the following:
  • broad training in clinical and laboratory haematology
  • full and specialist registration with a licence to practise with General Medical Council
  • CCT or CESR or within six months of attaining
  • NHS experience in preferred
Doctors who are currently working in the NHS but have not started the CESR process, but the experience required will of course be considered. A tailored CESR programme can be put together for these types of scenario.
£79,000 - £108,000
This post is a permanent, full-time 10PA post and perfect for UK based consultants either not yet on the specialist register, looking to complete CESR having qualified overseas, or those looking for a new challenge.

The Team:
The opportunity has arisen due to the retirement and the appointee will form part of a team of four Haematology Consultants, 1 Specialist Registrar, 2 CMT doctors, 1 Advanced Nurse Practitioner, and 2 band 8a clinical nurse specialists.
This is a friendly hospital with good links between specialties and divisions. The Haematology service is closely integrated with other services throughout the trust

Clinical Interests & Job Duties:
Subspecialty interests can be considered at appointment.

The duties of the post will include:
  • participation in the haematology rota on a 1:4 basis.
  • Weekend on calls are shared on a partial basis with neighbouring trust and include a 1:4 Saturday am ward round.
  • All types of clinical haematological problems are managed, but BMT and Haemophilia are dealt with at the regional centre at a different trust. 
  • The haematology laboratory is linked to the Haemato-Oncology Diagnostic Service at a neighbouring site.
  • The post is intended as full-time (10 PAs 8.0 DCC, 1.5 of SPA, 0.5 of Trust SPA).
  • A nominated mentor will be available for the new appointee.
This is a busy job and will require someone with excellent experience in both clinical and lab based haematology.

The Heamatology Department:

The haematology service is a designated level 2B unit treating patients with higher intensity chemotherapy with an active day ward and fully side room inpatient unit. They have a bespoke electronic prescribing system and the trust has digital exemplar status.
Outpatient clinics are supported by both pharmacy and nurse led clinics with both face to face and virtual telephone clinics.

The successful candidate will have appropriate office space, with IT and all required equipment. Secretarial support will be provided through the shared pool of haematology medical secretaries

Requirements for the post:

To be considered for this post you must have the following:
  • FRCPath in Haematology
  • CCT / CESR or eligible for specialist registration
  • Significant experience in both lab baed and clinical haematology
  • UK experience in desirable
If you wish to discuss the opportunity in more detail kindly get in touch with Marcus Anderson or apply via the IMG website.
£79,000 - £108,000

A small dedicated & experienced team in a greater manchester trust are looking for a consultant haematologist to join on a fixed-term or permanent basis. Overseas candidates will be supported to pass FRCPath Part 2 or CESR depending on each individuals circumstance. 

The department is at the forefront of innovative clinical practice and has implemented research on:

  • one hour per unit transfusions for selected patients (Winner of NHS England Chief Scientific Officer’s Award 2017)
  • innovation of a red cell dosage calculator
  • the delivery of chemotherapy and blood products in the patient’s home.
The trust's excellent commitment to care is demonstrated by excellent local and national patient satisfaction surveys.

Haematology team:

Successful candidates will support the haematology team to provide a comprehensive clinical haematology service with two Consultant colleagues, two specialty doctors, one Senior Nurse and two nurse Specialists.

Haematology service & facilities:

Outpatient clinics are held in 3 purpose-built rooms adjacent to the haematology laboratory and BCSH level 2a care for haematological malignancies is supported with a 6 bedded area on a medical ward for inpatient care.

Day case intravenous chemotherapy for lymphoma and other haematological malignancies is delivered on a dedicated oncology unit (Churchill Unit) shared with visiting oncology colleagues.

Chemotherapy and blood transfusions can also be delivered at home with the support of the Bolton Community IV Therapy Team.

The Trust also provides the specialist women’s and children’s services for the North West sector and part of the role will be participation in their joint obstetric Haematology clinic with obstetric, midwifery and clinical scientist colleagues.

Successful candidates would be expected to contribute to the sector wide shared weekend on call rota involving colleagues across the North West sector. This would involve weekend ward rounds at the level 2 unit at Salford with telephone cover for others.

The haematology and transfusion laboratories are modern, well equipped and fully accredited/compliant with UKAS and BSQR.


Requirements for this position are:

  • Full FRCPath in Heamatology is desirable
  • Full MRCP UK 
  • Pass in either OET or IELTS (no exemptions)
  • Extensive experience in haematology at consultant level
  • Ability to manage high workload in haematology
  • Lead a team and encourage learning amongst your team

Those who are diplomates of the Royal College can be considered but PLAB candidates would not be considered.

This is a great opportunity for either UK based candidates looking for roles in greater Manchester, just outside of the main centre. 

For overseas candidates this is a great opportunity in a very desirable part of the UK.  Apply today to not miss out!

£79,000 - £108,000
Consultants planning to attain CESR in the NHS and work as consultants are urged to apply.

Working with a fantastic, medium sized trust with 460 beds - this is a great opportunity for those looking to further their careers in the NHS. 

The haematology department is very supportive, friendly and progressive in their plans for future development and has recently begun a very close working relationship with another large University Hospital. 

As such, the opportunities for growth here are fantastic those who are not yet on the specialist register will be fully supported in that process - also with FRCPath.

The post holder will work in a Level 2a service so there are no designated beds. Patients requiring admission with haematological conditions will be admitted under the medical take team - and the consultant haematologist and / or senior clinical fellow will support the responsible clinicians on a daily basis through clinical advice and input. 

The haematology team provides support to the Day Treatment Unit and patients attending for blood transfusion, platelets and other procedures. 

There is also a major collaboration with a prestigious teaching hospital and cancer centre nearby and MDTs are also held in conjunction via video calling. 

For full job description and details please enquire with our team.

Requirements for this position are the following:
  • Excellent english with a pass in IELTS or OET
  • Full FRCPath in Haematology is desirable
  • FRCPath Part 1 with plans to take FRCPath 2 is acceptable
  • Extensive experience in haematology, with some experience at consultant level
If you are either a UK based consultant looking for new opportunities, or instead a practicing consultant overseas that wishes to attain CESR this is a fantastic opportunity. Apply today!
£79,000 to £108,000

A well-run and state of the art pathology collaborative in the East Midlands are actively seeking a consultant haematologist to join an existing team of 8 consultants.

This is a replacement for a consultant with an interest in Multiple Myeloma (Myeloma lead for RDH), though candidates with other areas of interest may be considered taking into account the service needs and job plans.

The Haematology department currently provides care up to Level 2b (BCSH 2010), with plans for a shared care arrangement, repatriating autologous stem cell transplant patients at day +1, to be implemented in the near future.

The successful candidate will be expected to lead the myeloma autologous stem cell program and is a  full time post, however any candidates who wish to work less than full time will be considered and supported. 

Requirements for this position are:

  • MRCP or equivalent
  • FRCPath in Haematology
  • IETLS or OET

Haematologists with senior experience practicing at consultant level are invited to apply.

International candidates with experience at consultant level and FRCPath can be considered for locum consultant roles.

UK based candidates not yet on the specialist register will be supported with their CESR application if required.

£78,000 - £106,000

Haematology consultants or equivalent with aspirations to attain Specialist Registration via CESR or CCT are welcome to apply.

The trust are seeking an experienced general haematologist with a particular interest in myeloma and haemato-oncology, however other interests can be considered. 

Working for a foundation trust in the East of England offering a significant amount of teaching and training opportunities there is the opportunity for delivering teaching and training to students.

Working with a small team of Consultants and in conjunction with a larger team at the neighbouring trust, this is a great opportunity to join a friendly and welcoming experienced haematology team.

Requirements for this position are:

  • FRCPath in Haematology or Equivalent
  • MRCP or equivalent
  • IELTS or OET
  • Extensive experience in Haematology 

*Senior candidates without FRCPath or MRCP with PLAB can be considered.

This is a great opportunity for haematology specialists looking to attain CESR or CCT in the NHS and work as consultants. Apply today!

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