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Radhika Balivada

Recruitment Executive

Meet Radhika, our newest addition to the IMG family. Originally hailing from the beautiful, bustling South Indian port City of Vizag, to the sleepier, cosier coastal City of Dundee, Scotland, in 2022 Radhika set upon her pursuits to complete her studies in Climate Change and Sustainability, (culminating in a Master's Degree!) and eventually settling in London.


Currently working as a Recruitment Executive and bringing with her a wealth of experience and vibrant spirit to our team - Radhika focuses her expertise on sourcing top-tier talent in Histopathology and Oncology for our esteemed NHS; expanding the already world-class roster of specialist doctors placed in trusts nationwide.


Since her studies, Radhika has radicalised her passion for the ever-growing, environmental urgencies by applying her free time to work in the agricultural industry; bravely volunteering on farms in the Oxfordshire countryside during the harsh winter months. Her commitment to a plant-based lifestyle underscores her values-driven approach to life and work. 


With their unique blend of professional pursuits and environmental advocacy, Radhika embodies our company ethos and brilliantly reflects the IMG culture. We are thrilled to welcome her aboard!


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