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Acute Medicine Consultant (GMC Specialist Registered Candidates Only)

99,532 - 131,964
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Job Description

An excellent opportunity for a Consultant in Acute Medicine for a permanent position, open to applications from both UK and Overseas trained doctors in Acute Medicine. The trust offers support for CESR accreditation and welcomes candidates interested in entering specialty training within the NHS. This department provides a high-performing and supportive environment, particularly for overseas doctors new to the NHS or UK-based doctors seeking career advancement.

You will be a part of an NHS Foundation Trust that is committed to delivering exceptional healthcare services to its community. The Acute Medicine department is renowned for its dedication to patient care and clinical excellence.

What is the NHS Foundation Trust like?

The NHS Foundation Trust operates as a leading district general hospital, offering comprehensive healthcare services to residents of King's Lynn, West Norfolk, and surrounding regions. As a pivotal healthcare provider in the area, it oversees the management of hospitals, ensuring a continuum of care across its network. With a strong commitment to quality and safety, the trust has earned a commendable rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), reflecting its dedication to maintaining high standards of clinical excellence, patient satisfaction, and safety protocols.

Situated within its catchment area are vibrant towns such as King's Lynn, known for its historical significance and thriving community, Downham Market, celebrated for its charming market town atmosphere, and Wisbech, a culturally rich and diverse town with a strong sense of community. These towns, along with other surrounding areas, benefit from the trust's provision of accessible and reliable healthcare services, ensuring that residents receive the care they need close to home.

Through its multidisciplinary approach and commitment to innovation, the NHS Foundation Trust continues to uphold its mission of providing compassionate, patient-centered care to the communities it serves, fostering a healthier and more vibrant region for all.

What is the department & team like?

The Acute Medical Unit (AMU) is equipped with 25 beds, organized into four bays and one sideroom. Consultants in Acute Medicine conduct thorough ward rounds starting at 08:00, followed by a secondary review at 14:00. They collaborate closely with junior staff to ensure timely patient assessments between rounds. The unit works in conjunction with the Rapid Assessment and Frailty Team (RAFT) to facilitate prompt discharges to home or community support when suitable. With approximately 10,000 patient assessments annually, translating to roughly 35-50 patients daily, the AMU handles a broad spectrum of acute medical conditions. All referrals to the AMU are streamlined through the Medical Streaming bleep, managed by a designated senior nurse serving as the central point of contact. Upon receiving a referral, the streaming nurse evaluates provided clinical information to determine the most appropriate course of care for each patient.

The department also has 3 locum consultants to support the substantive consultant workforce. They are also consist of:

  • 8 x Specialty Doctors/Specialty Registrars
  • 24 x FY2/GPST/ACCS/Clinical Fellow
  • 2 x FY1 Medical Director
  • Physicians Associates 2 x Physician Associates

Career Development & Opportunities Available 

Life in King's Lynn

East England offers a diverse mix of rural landscapes and vibrant urban centers, providing doctors with varied living options. Residents can enjoy scenic walks along the Norfolk Broads or explore historic sites like Cambridge University. The region boasts top-tier schools and renowned universities, nurturing academic excellence. Transport links are extensive, with efficient rail and road networks connecting to major cities like London and airports for international travel. Housing options range from charming cottages in quaint villages to modern apartments in bustling towns, catering to diverse preferences and lifestyles.

Am I eligible for this role?
UK based candidates:

  • Experience in Acute Medicine
EEA candidates: 
  • Experience in Acute Medicine
Non-EEA candidates:
  • MRCP
  • Experience in Acute Medicine
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