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General Adult Psychiatrist – Specialty Doctor

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Job Description

Are you a Specialty Doctor in General Adult Psychiatry? Then this is a remarkable opportunity for you!

Join a dynamic medical team, offering a rewarding role that aligns with your passion for impactful healthcare. The department aims to provide a comprehensive mental health care to diverse adults. Inpatient services offer intensive care for mood disorders, anxiety, and more. Collaborating with a skilled team, including Speciality Doctors, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, and more, you'll contribute to patient well-being and engage in teaching, research, and continuous improvement. The chosen candidate will forge collaborative pathways alongside two Speciality Doctors who lend their prowess in general physical health to the ward's dynamic.

The department sits within a health board that is renowned for its commitment to patient-centered care. The Health Board serves around 560,000 people, with 250,000 within the main town, and the rest in peripheral towns and rural areas. It operates as a cohesive unit since its establishment in 2004, employing 16,000 staff with a budget exceeding £900 million. Clinical excellence is at the forefront, encouraging innovation and participation in national and international research.

Life in area is an amalgamation of history, nature, and modernity. With stunning views, educational excellence, efficient transport, and a plethora of activities, the city offers a holistic lifestyle. Avenues for professional growth, mentoring, and development await, making this opportunity a gateway to fulfilling your aspirations. Seize this chance to be part of a transformative healthcare journey, contributing to patient welfare and personal advancement within the esteemed Health Board!

Your expertise is welcome, whether you're a specialised professional from the EEA or an experienced IMG seeking CESR completion.

EEA Candidates:

  • Experience of working in General Adult Psychiatry
  • Board Certified Specialist in General Adult Psychiatry

Non-EEA Candidates:

  • MRCPsych
  • Experience of working in General Adult Psychiatry

UK based applicants

  • Experience of working in General Adult Psychiatry
  • Within 6 - 12 months of completing CCT
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