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Anastasia Sidorova

Relocation & Onboarding Specialist

Russian-born and growing up in Portugal, Anastasia has lived in the UK for the last 8 years and brings all of her diverse and worldly experience to the IMG Connect Team.

Caring, empathetic, incredibly hard-working - Anastasia leads our Onboarding & Relocation division at IMG Connect - working with all doctors that have secured work via IMG Connect to help them complete registrations and relocate smoothly and stress-free to the UK. She has an uncanny & unique ability to find properties when seemingly impossible - seriously she could find a four-bed semi-dettached in the middle of the Sahara if that's what was needed!

When not at work Anastasia is a social bee, exploring London, traveling and exploring the UK and generally bringing an air of happiness with her wherever she goes. She is the office-feeder for snacks and often leading our daily team-lunches with her Mediterranean cooking flair. 



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