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Kayla MacGregor

Office & Finance Manager

Introducing the swiss-army superstar of the office - Kayla! This Bournemouth-born, Baghdad-to-Glasgow descendant is now an honorary Londoner (but she’ll forever remain a seaside lass).


With a hospitality background and a knack for mentoring, Kayla takes charge as our office & finance manager. She's the ultimate plant mom to our thriving green oasis, but here's the real deal: her vegetable game is STRONG. Armed with only a microwave, a hot tap, and some serious craftiness - her magical touch turns even the most ordinary veggies into works of art. Bravo!


When she's not quietly wowing us in the office and *gently* chasing up invoices, Kayla can be found gracefully* maneuvering through traffic on her skates. And, of course, her adorable feline friend, Pickles, frequently features in our Teams meetings, providing the ultimate test of focus, considering we are a team of avid animal lovers.


So, if you're ever in need of some vegetable sorcery, office management expertise, or a skating companion - Kayla is your go-to person.


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