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Marcus Anderson

Company Director

Co-founder of IMG Connect, Marcus grew up in London, though with a mixed British / Spanish heritage he spent a lot of time in the Balearics as a child and young adult. Mildly obsessed with birds (crows and waterfowl for some reason?) and plants (the office is like a jungle), he has been unsuccessfully trying to grow an avocado stone since about 2005. Whilst he's not very good at growing avocados, he is much better at recruiting histopathologists for the NHS!

With an extensive recruitment experience (medical and NHS change management), and within medical, a strong background in recruiting across several of the medical specialties (notably histopathology, oncology, and several of the medical subspecialties) Marcus' role spans the core areas of the business. Split between supporting the our growing team of specialists recruiter and their interactions with our doctors, to responsibility for maintaining and growing the core relationships IMG Connect holds within the acute sector, Marcus lives and breathes IMG Connect. He strives to play a supporting role in every single placement the company makes, and this exposure to such a wonderfully diverse range of human beings that make up our IMG Family is what makes him tick. Beyond relationship management, Marcus is instrumental in developing our training and support given to IMGs working through the college exams, CESR, or their integration into the UK system, and along with Ruaidhri he is central to the ethical thrust for which the company has become renowned.

Beyond work chat - he is a lover of football & tennis, and a birder! Corvids and geese fascinate him for some reason.... When not in the office he is usually somewhere around London bird-watching or water fowl, or following co-founder Ruaidhri up to a Scotland loch for an ice-cold dook!


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