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Rahul Chari

Recruitment Consultant - Medicine Specialties

With a fantastically mixed background growing up in several parts of India, Rahul moved to the UK in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, but has taken to UK life like a duck to water!

Hard-working, talented and never afraid to have the micky taken out him, Rahul likes nothing more than a warm glass of water and exploring the UK. He also has a strange fascination with caps - currently with a collection of circa 40 caps that keeps on growing. 

Rahul has joined IMG Connect as a Recruitment Consultant and within the year has developed into an integral part of the team. Finding his niche in the medical specialties he's worked tirelessly since his first day in the company to help overseas physicians to find their place in the NHS, and to relocate to the UK. A true gem and a hugely valued member of our team. 


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