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Timothy Ridgewell

Recruitment Consultant - Psychiatry Specialties

Growing up in Essex and living in North London, Tim brings a wealth of worldly knowledge to our IMG Team. A family man and with a background in supporting & project managing some major charities around London, Tim has joined our Psychiatry Division to help overseas psychiatrists to develop their careers and find work in the NHS.

With an air of calm and supreme assurance, Tim has quickly become an expert in helping psychiatrists through their MRCPsych exams and NHS job search, bringing warmth and a smile to every interaction with his doctors. 

A Tottenham and Harry Kane fan, Tim is known as 'El Compostero' around the office (sung to the tune of Bamboleo by the Gipsy Kings) as he ensures none of our food waste is every thrown away and instead helping his allotment and vegetables to thrive!


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