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Consultant - Medical Oncology

88,364 - 119,133
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Job Description

A new opportunity to join a high performing Oncology Department in the North East of England.
The post will be an excellent option for experienced consultants to work in a well staffed and organised team, with opportunity for teaching and management in the future.  

Department overview: 

The department is well staffed and the new appointee will join a team of 20 oncologists. The post is predominantly based in the trusts dedicated cancer centre. The cancer care services have benefited from recent investment of £35million, and you will have the opportunity to work within a state of the art facilities. 

The post would focus on colorectal or upper GI cancer and cancer of the unknown primary (CUP) with possible work in other disease sites if needed.

The department boasts an expanded chemotherapy unit designed to meet the increasing demand for systemic treatment with established nurse-led and pharmacy-led chemotherapy clinics.

The trust also houses state of the art radiotherapy facilities. 

Local area: 

The hospital is set in a large town in the north East of England, with an excellent cost of living making this an attractive place to start in the NHS. 

The surrounding areas and nearby coast offer opportunity to spend time in some of the most scenic areas of the North East of England. 

Requirements for the post: 

UK based applicants: 

  • CCT or within 6 months of CESR
  • Consultant experience in Oncology
EEA Candidates: 
  • Specialisation 
  • Consultant Experience in Oncology
Non-EEA Candidates: 
  • MRCP
  • Within 6 months of CESR - extensive consultant experience in Oncology 
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