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N Specialty Doctor in Radiology supporting CESR

£50,000 - £74,000

Job Description

Senior Radiologists looking to attain Specialist Registration in the NHS via CESR are invited to apply for roles with a Welsh University Health Board.

Radiologist with interests in all sub-specialisms will be considered with a range of different hospitals to be based out of.

The positions can offer 9 hours of non-clinical work or SPAs within the job plan for Audit, Teaching and Porfessional Development

Requirements for this position are:

  • IELTS or OET 
  • At least four years experience in Radiology

The locations are fantastic for families or those who like areas of natural beauty and wildlife.

These are great opportunities for Radiologists new to the NHS, looking to further their career in Radiology, attain Specialist Registration via CESR or CCT. 

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