7 tips for successful & happy relocation to the UK

  • April 10, 2020

Completing your exams and registrations is one thing, moving to another country is another...

All in all, IMGs aspiring to work in the NHS have an awful lot to get done. We know this and is why we exist as a company - to guide and support international doctors on their journey to becoming a doctor in the UK. Here we'll look at 7 mental approaches to making sure your early weeks, months and hopefully years in the UK are sucessful and happy ones!

1. Right Mentality

When approaching this new challenge, remember the right mentality is key to enjoying your new life and flourishing in your new job. It is understandable that you might be a touch nervous before moving, but whatever your mindset before leaving home try to embrace the new challenge with enthusiasm and a positive mindset.

2. Build your support networks

Having someone’s support is essential and even the most resilient of characters would struggle without it. Support can come from many different places and sources, from your friends or family back home or those you are closest to in the UK. 

Online forums and communities, like our IMG Community, can be incredibly helpful when questions or experiences that you have and you can likely get a response in minutes to a problem that has bothered you for a while. 

3. Building your social and professional networks

At IMG Connect we are big believer in building and utilizing the communities around us, both online and in real life. Ask your peers at work for advice where you need it and think about attending the various professional or social gatherings that you come to be aware of. 

It is worth remembering, most people love to share their experiences and offer their advice, whether your peers or new friends you have made in the UK. Use these as opportunities to get to know people around you better.

4. Be socially brave and integrate with your community

Always throw yourself into social scenarios and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people. The quicker you settle into your new job and home, the quicker you will be feeling comfortable and happy in your day to day!

5. Be patient

Adjusting to a new system and new country will take time – remember that. It may take a number of months to get things where you want them and up to a year to feel at home in your new scenery. Don’t be afraid of this, just be aware and be patient.

6. Be resilient and remember why you’re doing this

Deciding to relocate to the UK would certainly not have been a decision you took lightly. Remember all the reasons you took the decision to move in the first place, and don’t lost sight of them. Things will invariably get tough at some stage but keep your goals in in throughout. 

7. Remember your importance and the good that you do

Finally, remember the amazing things you do every day as a doctor, and what a valuable service you provide to NHS and the British population. You should never forget the importance of your job and positive impact it has on the community around you.

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