Psychiatry and Psychiatrist jobs in the NHS - UK

  • May 24, 2021

Are you a psychiatrist looking for your next career move? Get access to the latest psychiatry jobs whether you're a consultant, resident trainee, specialty doctor or SHO. With IMG Connect you can receive the very latest psychiatry jobs in your inbox, create your own account and job preference email alerts with a couple of clicks. 

IMG Connect specialises in a huge variety of psychiatry vacancies, including jobs in child & adolescent, general adult, old age, perinatal, learning disabilities or intelectual disabilities, eating disorders, addictions and forensic psychiatry.

You will find a range of jobs covering inpatient, outpateint and other community services. 

Review & apply for the latest Psychiatry & Psychiatrist Jobs with a range of new jobs added everry week you will find jobs that match your skills, career goals and location preferences in the UK. Register now so you can receive NHS jobs by e-mail to view new posts to suit your job search. 


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