14 tips for writing a doctor's CV

  • January 08, 2024

Regardless of what stage you are at in your medical career, a doctor's CV is the first opportunity you have to make the first impression you want to an NHS employer and secure your preferred job in the NHS. 

When you consider that the average CV gets 10-15 seconds of attention it is clear how important it is to get your CV right and make it stand out. Follow our Top 14 Tips and be sure to give yourself the best opportunity of landing the interviews you want to.

Your CV tells the story of you and your career and at a glance and it should be clear why you are the best person for the role you are applying for.

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14 general tips for writing a doctor CV: 

1. Review and update. 

By taking the time to regularly review and update your CV, it allows you to create a standard format that you can adapt for each position that you apply for, giving you the best chance at landing the interview you really want.

2. Keep up to date. 

Modern medical CVs are reflective of the changing face of the profession. Keep up to date. 

3. Keep it traditional. 

If it works, don’t fix it. Using our template, follow the GMC guidelines on the layout and content of your CV. 

If you are applying for a training programme, check the GMC requirements for example, applications for Specialist registration require a particular format.

4. Don’t write war and peace. 

There is no prescribed length of a medical CV, but if you follow standard layouts, order by relevance and write succinctly, a standard CV could be between 2 – 8 pages long. Remember though, it can be as long as it needs to be! 

5. Presentation is vital.

Use a clear font and size (we recommend 12-point Arial, Calibri or Times), a clear layout, avoid large chunks of text and use bullet points. 

6. Keep it concise. 

Adopt a style of writing that is professional, using short and simple sentences - use active words when referring to skills and focus on positive aspects.

7. Match to the job description. 

Prioritise the section of your CV that matches the job at the top, so it's seen first.  Reprioritise the least relevant content to appear further down each section. 

Highlight elements that match the specific job description and person specification.

8. Do not exaggerate. 

There is no need to exaggerate any information on your CV. And remember you don’t need to include everything you have done in your career, if it is not relevant to the application, consider if you need to include it at all. There will be plenty of opportunity at interviews to get this information across.

9. Align with the trust or hospital values. 

Your CV and interview should demonstrate that your personal values and behaviours align with the NHS values outlined in the NHS Constitution. In a nutshell these are your motivation and commitment to the NHS and the role, your ability to work in multi-professional teams, the central importance of the patient's experience.

10. No need to waste paper.

Don’t include a cover sheet or index. You want the reader to see the main page straight away, which shows who you are, what qualifications you have and that you are suitable for the vacancy.

11. Use a spell checker! 

To ensure no spelling mistakes, use a spell checker. One of the main reasons a CV will be rejected is incorrect spelling. 

12. Proofread. 

Competition means that you need to prepare an error free CV. Proofreading is crucial, and spelling checks on your computer will not suffice. Take time to conduct a thorough examination looking for possible errors or flaws in format, sentence structure, content or layout. 

13. Get someone else to proofread. 

Ask a peer or senior colleague to proofread and get their feedback. Don’t forget to act upon their feedback and make any necessary changes, before asking them to check again, just in case. 

14. Get us to proofread! 


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Relevant Jobs


An excellent opportunity for an experienced Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist to join an established NHS community clinic in London. The post if suitable for overseas psychiatrists, including candidates who are pursuing CESR. Specialists in Psychiatry, holding a specialist certification would be suitable for this post, based on experience entering at either Specialty Doctor or Consultant grade. 


The post offered is that of Specialist Psychiatrist in Older Adult Psychiatry, working in both the community mental health team and the memory clinic. In addition to this post, three additional CMHTs make up the older adult community service for the borough. The personnel of the CMHT include: medical staff, Community Psychiatric Nurses, Occupational Therapist, and Psychiatric Social Workers. There is a Psychological Therapy Department which provides therapy for older adults and which works across CMHTs in the Borough as does the Occupational Therapy Service.

The post holder will have responsibility for the diagnostic assessment and treatment of older adult psychiatric patients from the designated catchment area referred to and accepted by the service. Outpatient clinics and domiciliary visits in the community will constitute the majority of the direct clinical care provided by the post holder.

This great world city is far more than just the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. London is bustling, vibrant, multicultural and cosmopolitan. London is both old and new, a place where traditional pubs rub shoulders with the newest cocktail bars. Its most ancient castle is right next door to its newest skyscrapers. London\'s energy, as 8.6 million people go about their everyday lives, is tangible in every journey on the Underground, every stroll through a market and every walk along the banks of the River Thames. From the royal parks to the theatre stage, London really does have it all.

Working as a psychiatrist in London brings a range of exciting prospects. You will have the opportunity to work in some of the best mental health trusts in the UK, who will offer you the opportunity to constantly grow your medical and scientific knowledge and skills. In London you will have the opportunity to work in a wide range of settings, and as you progress through your career, you will have more opportunity to shape the way you work; you can develop research, work part time or full time and can combine your career with a wide range of other interests.

With an extremely active education/teaching programme supported by the consultant team, there is opportunity to work towards and complete CESR, RCPsych exams, get involved in active research and many aspects of CPD. 

Participation in research and educational activities will be encouraged.

EEA Candidates:

  • 6 years experience of working in Older Adult Psychiatry

  • Board Certified Specialist in Psychiatry (desirable)

Non-EEA Candidates:

  • MRCPsych (desirable)

  • 6 years experience of working in Older Adult Psychiatry

UK based applicants

  • 6 years experience of working in Older Adult Psychiatry

  • S12 (desirable)

83945 to 95275

An NHS job opportunity is available for an ambitious and passionate General Adult Psychiatrist to join a trust rated \"Outstanding overall\" CQC. This position presents an ideal prospect for psychiatrists from overseas who aspire to establish themselves within the UK\'s NHS system and progress toward a consultant-level career. It is well-suited for candidates seeking support to achieve Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR). Doctors must have 6 years work experience after finishing core psychiatry training or equivalent international qualification to be considered for this opportunity. 

What is the department & team like?

The department boasts a comprehensive General Adult Psychiatry department, equipped to deliver exemplary mental health care. Staffing includes a proficient team of consultants and dedicated junior doctors committed to providing superior patient care and support. The department\'s activity is marked by a wide spectrum of cases, ranging from common mental health disorders to more complex presentations. Patients receive tailored treatment plans incorporating evidence-based therapies, medication management, and holistic approaches to ensure comprehensive care.

Facilities within the department are modern and conducive to patient well-being, fostering an environment conducive to recovery and healing. Patients benefit from comfortable inpatient units, outpatient clinics, therapy rooms, and recreational spaces. On average, the department manages a significant caseload of general adult psychiatry cases annually, indicative of its pivotal role in addressing mental health needs within the community. The team\'s dedication to excellence and patient-centered care underscores the department\'s status as a leading provider of psychiatric services in the region.

What is the area like?

Location in a beautiful part of the south of England with easy links to London and Cambridge. Housing options range from historic cottages in quaint villages to modern developments, catering to diverse lifestyles. The location truly provides a balanced living experience, combining natural beauty, cultural richness, and modern comforts.



  • MRCPsych (Desirable)
  • 6 years specialist experience in General Adult Psychiatry
  • Specialist certification in psychiatry (desirable)
  • 6 years specialist experience in General Adult Psychiatry
UK based: 
  • 6 years Specialty Doctor experience in General Adult Psychiatry
52530 - 82400

Join an Older Adult Community Mental Health team led by experienced consultants and supported by a dynamic team of Specialty Doctors. This NHS Trust, rated \"Good\" overall by the CQC, prioritizes staff support and offers a flexible training program for career advancement and work-life balance. Ideal for overseas Consultants and specialists seeking to establish themselves in the NHS and also Junior Doctors or Specialty Doctors already in the UK. MRCPsych is essential for mosts doctors trained outside of Europe. European doctors would need specialisation in psychiatry with ideally expertise in old age. 

The post holder is expected to provide direct psychiatric services through the comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment of patients assigned to him/her. The post holder is expected to be involved in discussions about assessments, treatment and risk management of patients in accordance with medical standards. The final decision rests with the consultant.

Life in the West Midlands

The West Midlands offers a blend of rural charm and urban amenities, catering to diverse preferences of residents. Its picturesque countryside provides opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and exploring historic landmarks like Worcester Cathedral. The area boasts reputable schools and universities, ensuring quality education for families. Transportation links are convenient, with access to major cities like Birmingham and Bristol, as well as airports for domestic and international travel. Housing options range from quaint cottages in rural villages to modern developments in bustling towns, accommodating various lifestyles and preferences.

Career Development & Opportunities Available

The NHS Trust provides an environment that actively supports career development and offers various opportunities for professional growth. Staff members have access to ongoing training and development programs to enhance their skills and stay abreast of the latest advancements in healthcare. The Trust encourages and facilitates career progression, with opportunities for staff to take on additional responsibilities and roles within their specialties. Continuous professional development is promoted, ensuring that individuals can advance their careers and contribute effectively to patient care.

For those seeking further qualifications or specialization, the Trust may provide support for relevant educational pursuits, contributing to the professional development of its staff. CESR is a key feature of this role, with a current cohort of candidates working through CESR you will benefit from excellent support. 


EEA Candidates:

  • Specialist Qualification in Old Age Psychiatry

Non-EEA Candidates:

  • MRCPsych (Desirable)

  • Experience of working in Old Age Psychiatry (essential)

UK based applicants

  • Experience of working in Old Age Psychiatry (essential)
  • MRCPsych (desirable)
  • Section 12 (desirable) 

We are currently looking for an experienced Clinical Oncologist, who works with both chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments for a large acute hospital in the Midlands, England.

You\'d be joining a team of 8 clinical and 2 medical oncology consultants at the modern Oncology Centre (opened in mid 2010\'s), to help support and develop site-specific services in outpatient and chemotherapy as part of the development of the centre. 

There are 3 Elekta LINACS with VMAT and IGRT, using Mosaiq and Raystation for RT planning on site, along with 35 chemo day chairs used across 3 hospitals under this NHS trust.


  • FRCR Clinical Oncology or equivalent
  • Excellent english language skills
  • Extensive experience as a consultant oncologist (UK or overseas experience)

12 - 24 months fixed term (subject to be renewed)


  • Attractive salary and relocation package
  • Training and development opportunities
  • CESR support for those eligible
  • Tier 2 Health and Care Visa (sponsorship for the whole family)
  • Guidance regarding the CV and full interview preparation
  • Assistance regarding the GMC registration, visa, accommodation and transportation by an experienced onboarding specialist
  • Complete IMG Relocation service from start to finish of process

Locum Consultant

Specialty & Special Interests:
Clinical Oncology with primary interest in Gynaecological and Upper GI cancers

93,666 - 126,281

An exciting opportunity for an experienced Consultant in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry to join an award winning CAMHS inpatient unit. The team supports each other in balancing high quality patient care while you are pursuing your own special interests. The team is part of an NHS Foundation Trust that is a leading Trust in mental health research. The Trust was rated as \"good\" overall by the CQC in 2019. The post if suitable for overseas consultants, including candidates who are pursuing CESR. Specialists in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry holding a specialist certification would be suitable for this post, based on experience entering at either Specialty Doctor or Consultant grade. 

Overseas applications from experienced Specialty Doctors and Consultants are welcomed. 


The NHS Foundation Trust is the leading trust in mental health research. They provide excellent opportunities for professional development. The NHS Foundation Trust provides a broad range of community and inpatient mental health services, community services (including therapies), learning disability services, healthy lifestyle support and addictions services to a population of 765,000 people of all ages who live within areas of more than 4,700 square kilometres.

The Trust employs approximately 2,800 staff across more than 79 sites at locations throughout 4 towns. Their budgeted income for 2022/2023 is £186m. The NHS Foundation Trust works closely with major academic partners which ensures the nurturing of workforce of tomorrow\'s doctors, nurses and other health professionals. They aim to be a leading provider of integrated health services, recognised for the care compassion and commitment of their staff and known as a great employer and a valued partner.

The way they deliver their services has a direct bearing on their patients and carers’ experience of the Trust and, most importantly of all, their health. The Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust aim to provide the best services they can and constantly look at how they can improve them aspiring to excellence and be the best that they can be. They offer a wide range of benefits to help support a healthy work-life balance and support their employees\' overall health & wellbeing.


The service is a team of excellent and forward thinking doctors consisting of: psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, creative therapists and family therapists. There is currently funding for 4.8 WTE Community Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists. The service aims to keep children and adolescents at home with increased support if possible. The Trust provides a comprehensive Specialist Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service for young people that are 19 years and under. 

The department has a Crisis Team that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While the Home Treatment (Intensive Intervention Team) aims to work from 8AM to 6PM, 7 days a week. The services is provided at various locations across the town in order to be able to offer families an accessible and convenient service within a less stigmatising and less threatening environment. There is also a team that works with people aged between 14 and 65, who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis or might be at risk of developing psychosis.

The post holder expected to make assessment of referrals/admissions. The post holder will liaise and collaboratively work with other services/agencies. The successful candidate is expected to have a care plan and treatment formulation, guidance on evidence-based treatment and effectiveness.


Blessed with rural beauty, bustling towns and a dramatic coastline, the town makes a wonderful place to call home. Affordable property prices make living here even more appealing, with luxurious city-centre apartments, quiet suburban new builds and charming country cottages to choose from. Some of the UK’s finest beaches are located right here. Affordable property prices make living here even more appealing, with luxurious city-centre apartments, quiet suburban new builds and charming country cottages to choose from. 

The town is known for its quirky narrow streets and bustling harbour overlooked by the striking Gothic ruins. It is a fascinating town, unlike any other. You will enjoy the quirky fishing villages, the unspoilt sandy beaches, the staggering views from the clifftops, and the popular seaside resorts. You will enjoy the 800km of bridleways that weave through the peaceful and colourful countryside of the North York Moors National Park.


With an extremely active education/teaching programme supported by the consultant team, there is opportunity to work towards and complete CESR, exams, get involved in active research and many aspects of CPD. 

Participation in research and educational activities will be encouraged.


EEA Candidates:

  • Experience of working in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Board Certified Specialist in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Non-EEA Candidates:

  • Experience of working in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

UK based applicants

  • Experience of working in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Within 6 - 12 months of completing CCT

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