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Consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology (International + CESR candidates considered)

Job Description

An excellent consultant vacancy in Diabetes and Endocrinology for overseas doctors looking to find a healthy balance between activities at work and out of work. This is the perfect opportunity for you to join an NHS Trust in Scotland that aims to provide great clinical experience for their patients. This NHS Trust loves innovation, and wants someone who can contribute and help develop their skills within their department.

The post is suitable for candidates holding specialisation in the EEA, or for experienced IMGs looking to complete CESR.


This NHS trust in the North East of Scotland provides for a total of approximately 560,000 people with circa 250,000 being within the City of Aberdeen and the remainder in peripheral towns and small rural communities across Aberdeenshire and Moray.  There are approximately 90,000 children and young people under the age of 16 years. NHS Grampian was established on the 1st April 2004 as a single system entity for the provision of health services across the whole of the Grampian region.  The NHS Grampian employs 16,000 staff and has a budget in excess of £900m.

The trust aims to maintain the tradition of clinical excellence and to encourage clinical staff to work in an environment where people are looking to innovate and are aware of, and contribute to, developments within their specialities. We are looking for staff who are excited by the prospect of involvement in the exchange of ideas within the national and international research community.  Their Research and Development Strategy has been developed to prioritise and stimulate research and development within NHSG’s fields of interest, complementing the research strategies of the Universities and Research Institutes in the area.


Located in the northeast of Scotland. The region is well known for its outstanding natural resources, renowned brands, world famous coastlines and high standard of living.

Voted as one of the top five regions in Scotland for quality of life, it also offers affordable housing, great schools and beautiful scenery. Originally home to an ancient Celtic earldom, there are now excellent infrastructural links via road, rail and air, connecting the region to a variety of locations across the UK and Europe.


The combination of clinical practice and first-class academic connections means that medical professionals have a wide range of opportunities to develop their careers and achieve their aspirations. You will have access to leadership, teaching, educational and research opportunities for Continued Professional Develop (CPD).

If you are a new consultant you will receive mentoring and support from medical leads as well as access to a large peer group of enthusiastic and high-caliber Consultants.

EEA Candidates:

  • Experience of working in Diabetes & Endocrinology
  • Board Certified Specialist in Diabetes & Endocrinology

Non-EEA Candidates:

  • MRCP
  • Experience of working in Diabetes & Endocrinology

UK based applicants

  • Experience of working in Diabetes & Endocrinology
  • Within 6 - 12 months of completing CCT

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