GMC Registration - the online application

  • April 10, 2020

An application for GMC registration is completed online.

In this article we take an in depth look at putting together your online application for the GMC and cover the following topics: 

Preparing and understanding what documents you need to apply for GMC online

All applicants must have prepared:

  • Evidence of English Language Test 
  • Evidence to support your fitness to practise
  • Explanations for breaks in medical practise

Preparation specific to EEA Doctors:

  • Acceptable Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ).

Preparation specific to non-EEA Doctors:

  • Acceptable overseas PMQ (different from GMC recognised PMQ)
  • Verification of primary medical qualification
  • Knowledge and skills fit for UK practise (PLAB or Postgraduate Qualification or Accepted Licensing Exam)

Read our blog on accepted PMQs here. Or read up on verifying your PMQ with the GMC here.

At IMG Connect we always recommend that you prepare all of your documentation and get organised before starting any application. If you do, completing the online application will prove to be much quicker.

Applying for GMC Online Registration

Applications are completed online here

Paying your GMC registration fee online

For full information on fees and discounts available visit the GMC website.

Standard fees are £399 (please note these have recently increased from April 2019). Discounted fees of up to 50% are available depending on your gross annual worldwide income. If you are unsure if you qualify for a discount speak to your IMG Consultant at any time.

Providing the required evidence

Once you have made your online application the GMC will send you an email telling you what evidence you will need to provide copies of (which you will already have prepared).

Gather your documents and scan them as one PDF file.

Email these documents within 28 days of receiving this email to keep your application live.

Once the GMC have received your documents they will assess them and respond to you within five working days. At this point they will either ask for further evidence or consider your application complete. 

If further evidence is required you will have 14 days to responds to keep your application live.

GMC ID Check

Congratulations! You are nearly there…

Now your online application is complete, the GMC will invite you to attend an ID check at one of the GMC offices in either London or Manchester. You must bring your original documents to this meeting. Please note, with the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic - the GMC temporarily suspended ID checks and the situation can be ever changing and fluent. Unless you have been specifically asked to attend an ID check - you will not need to attend a GMC ID check. 

Should you attend the GMC check in London or Manchester it provides us with a great opportunity to meet our doctors face to face and introduce ourselves over a coffee or lunch. Your dedicated IMG Consultant would love to arrange this with you, should this fit in with you busy schedule of course!

I've had my ID checked by the GMC, what next?

Congratulations are in order!! Once you have attended your ID Check and presented your original documentation you are granted registration and can now work as a doctor in the NHS and Private UK Healthcare!


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