PMQs - Acceptable Overseas Primary Medical Qualifications

  • April 13, 2020

In order to apply for GMC Registration and/or take the PLAB tests, IMGs must hold a primary medical qualification acceptable to the GMC for the purpose of registration with a licence to practise.

If your primary medical qualification is from outside of the UK or EEA, the GMC will need to check that it is acceptable. 

How can I check my overseas qualification is recognised by the GMC? 

Your Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ) must be awarded by an institution listed in the World Directory of Medical School

There are some qualifications that the GMC already do not accept. These are listed on their website. You should check whether your qualification meets the relevant criteria before you start an application. 

As part of the GMC application, overseas doctors from outside of the EEA will need to send a copy of their primary medical qualification to the GMC. 

If your primary medical qualification meets the GMC criteria, you will need to have it independently verified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) before registration with a license to practice can be complete.

How do I verify my Primary Medical Qualification? 

Verification is completed online and is a simple process. You will set up an online EPIC account (Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials), confirm your identity and upload your qualification for verification. This is then assessed by ECFMG who will communicate directly with your awarding body to confirm authenticity. 

What next?

Once assessed the ECFMG will confirm the outcome with the GMC. You will receive and EPIC ID, which will be required when completing the GMC application. 

At IMG we recommend that you check your primary medical qualification and start the verification process as early as possible, so that you will have your verified qualification before applying. 

Once you have checked that you have a suitable overseas qualification, and your overseas primary medical qualification has been independently verified, you can complete the GMC registration online. 

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