5 myths about Britain you should definitely ignore!

  • April 13, 2020

It is true that the UK is a weird and quirky place at times. But there are some myths about the UK that we have been asked about by overseas doctors (IMGs) that really should be ignored. Here are some of the most common…

5. The food is bland and horrible. 

Wrong! Not only does the UK have some of the best chefs in the world it also boasts restaurants inspired by immigration and world cuisine. Ok, back in the 80’s it might not have been anything to shout about, but things have changed rapidly.  Don’t just take our word for it, try the many Michelin starred restaurants or street food festivals and let your taste buds do the talking. 

4. It never stops raining! 

Wrong! Ok, well mostly wrong. Whatever you think of the British weather, it definitely is unique! Fascinating and frustrating, we love nothing more than to talk about the weather, and when you have been here for more than a day, you will join the daily discussion. As an island, we get the best and worst of weather, at least it isn’t boring! In fact, it is glorious! 

3. Everyone speaks with a cockney accent. 

Wrong! We might not be the biggest country in the world, but the cultural diversity is immense. Cockney might be the famous accent everyone knows from the movies, and let’s face it, it is fantastic, but from village to village, and region to region, everyone has their own way of saying things. The British accents woo the world, and define its people by pinpointing everyone to the nearest postcode. Centuries of immigration bringing wonderful accents from across the globe, which when coupled with Scots, Welsh, English and Northern Irish accents create a warm linguistic soundscape. 

2. All Scottish people wear Kilts. 

Wrong! Whilst everyone loves to see a Scotsman or Scotswoman in a Kilt, most Scots only wear this traditional outfit for special occasions, like Weddings or Burns Night. That said, the Scots are a stylish bunch and you can wear a kilt any day of the year! 

1. Nobody speaks to each other on the London Underground (Tube). 

Wrong! Erm… actually this one is true! But don’t fret, Londoners, like the rest of the Brits, are a welcoming bunch, and will chat with you over a cup of tea or a warm beer ;)

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