9 of the best British cultural events you cannot miss! 

  • April 10, 2020

Life is not all about work!

It has been great to hear first-hand from overseas doctors who recently relocated to the UK the main reasons they have enjoyed their move and quickly settled into life in the UK.

The UK is bursting with events and festivals from top to bottom, and these can make some of the best shared experiences for you and your family to create memorable moments.  We enjoy them so much that we have put together some of the best British cultural events that you simply have to experience! 

1.The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Taking place from the 2 – 24th August, this annual series of nightly performances brings the Edinburgh Skyline to life! Armed forces from the UK, across the Commonwealth and internationally, come to Edinburgh to perform. Music, dance, drama, and a mass of Pipers play against the backdrop of the castle. 

2.Glastonbury Festival. 

A five-day festival of performances, arts and crafts, Glastonbury is a community that pops up every year to enthral and bring people together. A huge line up of performers entertain over 170,000 people at the largest greenfield festival in the world! Just don’t forget your wellies (waterproof boots). 

3.Chelsea Flower Show. 

An annual garden extravaganza, bursting with creation and colour, this is not to be missed! This is regarded as the most important flower show in the world, and on your first visit you will see why! With displays of colour and cutting-edge garden design be prepared to be dazzled, just don’t expect to see any gnomes.  

4.The Edinburgh Fringe. 

Discover the world of arts in one city, an inspiring collection of the best performances and entertainment from not just the UK, but the whole world. Visitors come from all four corners of the globe to attend this annual event of arts, crafts, music, comedy, literature, theatre, dance, street performance and much, much more! You can even set up your own event if you feel brave enough! 

5. Notting Hill Carnival. 

This is the biggest street party in the whole of Europe. Taking place in London over three days and created by members of the British West Indian Community, this inaugural event attracts over a million people! It is a hugely significant event in British culture, celebrating diversity, music and carnival! Be ready to dance!

6. Hay on Wye Festival. 

If literature is your thing, and let’s face it, it should be, then try this celebration of all things written in the village of books! Taking place in the beautiful Brecon Beacons, this ten-day festival invites writers, poets, broadcasters, radio shows and podcasters to share their work. 

7.Liverpool Biennial. 

A huge festival of contemporary visual art, and the best that the UK has to offer. Every two years the city opens its doors to a huge range of artists and their work. Projects span the city for the public to see, take a walk to odd locations, see public spaces transformed, unused buildings become a work of art, and Liverpool galleries burst with new exhibitions. 

8.Great Exhibition of the North. 

A true showcase for the North of England, artists, designers and businesses all combine forces to show off all that the North has to offer. Based in Newcastle, enjoy a free celebration throughout the whole summer of the Northern spirit and soul of the UK. Expect plenty of unforgettable experiences. 

9.Guy Fawkes Night. 

A festival enjoyed the length and breadth of the country, Guy Fawkes Night is open to all. Also known as Bonfires Night and Fireworks Night, it is easy to understand what to expect… local events take place in every village, town and city, so it won’t take you long to work out where to go and join the fun! 

So, there we have it, 9 of the most unmissable events in British culture! Let us know if you have any favourites or anything new to add to the list, we would be delighted to hear from you! 

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