IMG Connect’s 7 Top Tips for exam preparation

  • April 13, 2020

As an overseas doctor, preparing for your royal college or PLAB exams can be a daunting prospect and requires a huge amount of learning. IMGs have told us that the top tips below helped them improve their scores on their journey to exam success.

1. Find a study group or partner

For a lot of people, studying with others is both motivational and more sustainable. 

Whether to share exam tips, test each other or just be there for a bit of emotional support – the benefits are endless. Oh, and it’s free!

2. Join an online community

By joining online communities of doctors in similar positions, you will surround yourself with people in the same position, revising the same topics and preparing for the same exams. Just like having a study group or partner, this can offer you a huge support network and won’t cost you a penny!

3. Use the internet to its full potential

There is loads of very useful content, for all exams, available online & free of charge. Whether you’re taking an English Language test or a postgraduate exam, someone will have created an online resource for you. From podcasts and YouTube videos, to reading materials, curriculums & study guides - make sure you are using the internet to its full potential!

Ask your study groups, partner or online community which resources have worked well for them.

4. Use the GMC and your Royal College to their full potential

Similarly, the GMC or your Royal College will usually have lots of useful links and documents to help you prepare. Have a look online and use all of them where you can, we have tried to highlight them throughout our blogs to help you make a start.

5. Courses & Study Books

Whilst you don’t necessarily have to pay for courses and books to aid your studies – most IMGs have found substantial benefits in using them. Do your research and ask those around you what has worked well for them.

6. Don’t burn out

Avoid leaving everything to the last minute and make sure you stay healthy and sleep properly during your preparations. Whilst these exams are of course very important, don’t burn yourself out at the cost of good rest. You might consider yourself a night owl but your productivity will plummet without a good night’s sleep. 

7. Plan your studies & staying ahead

Take the time to get to know your syllabus as early as possible and use it as a road map for your study plan. 

Once you have your plan, stay on top it and try and get ahead – you don’t want to be cramming revision in at the last minute at the cost of your day to day life.

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