Specialty Doctor posts with CESR support - your new route to specialist registration in the UK

  • November 05, 2021

Hospitals across the UK are offering specialty doctor job plans with opportunity for CESR programmed support, giving doctors the chance to quickly work towards specialist registration. 

For experienced IMGs this is a new and quick route to your first Consultant post. By taking up a service level job as a Specialty Doctor with CESR support as part of the job plan many IMGs are securing a great start to their future career inthe NHS taht is suited to their senior level experience. 

If you are an overseas doctor looking for a Specialty Doctor job with the chance to work towards your Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR), speak to the IMG Connect team to discuss if this is a suitable route for you. We have opportunities across the UK for doctors to take advantage of the CESR programme.

You can also send your CV to info@imgconnect.co.uk or register here. It takes 30 seconds to register! 

By taking such posts in NHS trusts and hospitals you can join diverse, dynamic and inspiring groups of specialty doctors and acting Consultants all on the way to achieving their CESR as part of a tailored programme. In offering such job opportunities, hospitals will provide a supportive environment with protected time to fulfil all the requirements of the CESR application, gaining career-enhancing experiences as you do.

Acting up, dedicated peer groups, coaching & mentoring, scheduled learning and study time are some of the benefits that you could receive. 

In such roles you will typically receive hands on support from consultant colleague and exposure to a wide range of experience to specifically aid competency achievement for your CESR application. 

In some specialty doctor jobs with CESR programme you will rotate through various departments, dependent on your required experience.

Some hospitals will also provide the following as part of the CESR programme:  

  • Supported Professional Activity (SPAs) sessions per week 
  • Tailored experience to your CESR portfolio
  • Regular clinical supervision 
  • A CESR mentor 
  • Involvement in academic programme and medical student teaching 
  • Support in gaining research competencies 
  • SAS Tutor support
  • CESR / SAS support forums and meetings

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