Can I interview with the NHS using Skype? 

  • April 13, 2020

NHS Interviews over online video recording platforms, such as Skype, are becoming commonplace nowadays, particularly for overseas doctors seeking a job in the UK. 

Skype interviews have fast become the norm amongst senior staff in the NHS, with most NHS Trusts now familiar with the format. Successful IMGs have also told us that they felt comfortable during the interview, helping them to secure their NHS job. 

Getting invited to an interview means you’ve passed the first hurdle – your application must have made a good impression. 

IMG Connect will support the NHS Trust in organising your skype interview, and we will email you interview invites and help you set up your computer on the day.

Once your CV has been selected for interview, if you are based outside of the UK, then it is highly probable that the Trust will seek to interview you using Skype. 

If you haven’t already done so, setting up a Skype account is easy: 

  • Download Skype to your computer. 
  • Set up a free account 
  • Log in to your account 

You are ready to go! 

It is a good idea to get used to the system, so the next time you need to speak to us at IMG Connect, request a skype call here. 

To help you on the day of your interview we have included the follow steps to set up: 

Tips for setting up on the day: 

1. Add the hospital Skype ID 24 hrs prior to your interview.

Your IMG Consultant will provide you with this in advance.

2. Send a message to the hospital Skype ID, stating your name and the post you are interviewing for. 

This helps check that the ID is correct and is active for the start of your interview. 

3. Run a test call with an IMG Connect consultant.

Just to be sure everything is working; we will run a dummy call with you well in advance of your interview. If there are any issues, we can address them together. 

4. Be ready 30 mins prior to the call. 

It is best to be prepared, with your CV, notes and a glass of water at the ready. 

Don’t forget to relax. 

To help you make a good impression we have included the following tips: 

Tips to make a good impression: first impressions to create a good impression

1. Be on time.

Despite the fact that your interview will be held over Skype, it is vital that you set up in plenty time and allow time for things to go wrong. If you do get delayed, make sure you notify your IMG Consultant and the contact within the organisation as soon as possible.

2. Dress appropriately. 

You may be on screen, but that includes trousers too! Dress as you would for any interview, it will also help you to feel confident. 

3. Don’t forget to smile! 

When you answer the call, don’t forget to smile. Greet the panel as you would for any interview (minus the shaking of hands of course).

From start to finish, relax, be yourself and smile. The panel want to know that you cope under pressure, and can be a good member of their team, ultimately improving patient care. Your personality is key to this success! 

4. Make eye contact and engage with all members of the interview panel.

Just like an ordinary interview, try to engage with all members of the panel. You will know in advance who they are, so greet them and address them directly throughout your interview. Oh, and don’t forget to use address the panel using their correct titles! 

5. Be aware of your body language.

You want to convey that you're enthusiastic, positive and energetic, yet focused… don’t fidget! 

6. Be positive at all times.

It can be hard, especially when you have faced some challenging questions, but keep calm, stay positive and remember to relax! 

In summary:

Regardless of how confident or anxious you are feeling about interviews, talking things through with a trusted partner can help alleviate any concerns or make you consider a couple of areas you've not given much thought. At IMG Connect we work with IMG’s and healthcare professionals from all over the world and our team of dedicated consultants can help you with any questions you may have in order to prepare for your interview. We will do everything we can to help you succeed so get in touch!

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