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  • April 18, 2022

In response to the challenges of the Covid-19 global pandemic – the Royal College of Psychiatrists has migrated all MRCPsych examinations online.

MRCPsych Paper A, B and CASC can now be taken from the comfort of your home. This exciting development has of course been accelerated by COVID-19, enabling MRCPsych examinations to be delivered during lockdowns for both overseas doctors and UK trainees.

Following the pandemic outbreak, the college has worked hard to bring forward their plans to launch online examinations and migrate online.

Demand for the exams has increased, and furter online dates have been added by the Royal College. Paper B can be sat on Tuesday 5 October 2021, with results published on 9 November 2021. Examination dates for Paper A have passed for 2021 and have yet to be published for 2022.

The online MRCPsych written paper format

The format of MRCPsych Papers A and B remains that candidates complete 150 questions. From these questions, roughly 100 are multiple choice with single answers and 50 are extended matching questions which ask a series of multiple choice questions about information in a single question stem. 

The online exam platform is very easy to use. You can complete the test using your own computer, at home. The online system is straightforward, requiring only a few checks and guidelines to follow to help you make the process a success. 

The online CASC exam

The format of the MRCPsych CASC exam is that candidates complete two circuits, each of eight stations. Usually of course, this is face-to-face, giving you the benefit of understanding body language and the importnace of being in close proximity of the "patient". However, the inline CASC exam has been carefully designed to ensire minimal impact on the test. 

The format is unchanged, in each CASC station you will encounter a roleplayer from whom you must elicit key information related to the task that you have been set. 

In a face-to-face exam, the examiner would be in the room with you to evaluate your performance and the invigilator would be on hand to make sure that everything runs to plan. 

In the online exam, all of this will be done by video. You will see all four participants in the same window. As above, the online system is straightforward, requiring only a few checks and guidelines to follow to help you make the process a success. 

All candidates, including those who were planning to enter the Singapore and Hong Kong CASCs in are now welcome to apply to sit the online versions that will take place in September 2021.

How to apply

An online application form must be completed and takes around 15 minutes. For full guidance on the application, please visit the Royal College website here.

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