CESR - a guide for overseas doctors

  • October 26, 2022

Here we look briefly at the CESR route available to overseas consultants and exerienced senior doctors who wish to secure a job in the NHS and relocate to the UK.

Many IMGs have recently asked if they would be eligible for the CESR route to Specialist registration. International Medical Graduates (IMGs) from any country in the world can apply for CESR, provided certain eligibility criteria are met.

To help answer this question we have put together a short article to explain further, including the following topics: 

CESR is suitable for those who have already been practising overseas for many years. 

What is CESR? 

The CESR is for doctors who wish to join the GMC (General Medical Council) Specialist Register, and whose specialist training, qualifications or experience was partly or completely acquired outside an approved CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training) programme in the UK.
It is equivalent to a CCT and certifies that the recipient has all the competences defined in the CCT curriculum, known as specialist registration. 

What is the Equivalence process?

Equivalence describes the process of assessing an overseas applicant’s training and experience against the current training programme requirements, in order to gain a Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) for the Specialist Register held by the General Medical Council.

The process involves submitting a written body of evidence to the GMC of:

  • training and/or competence
  • skills and knowledge

Each Royal College will assess the application against the relevant Curriculum before providing a recommendation to the GMC, who will then make a decision.

Please note that Equivalence procedures are the responsibility of the GMC. 

Applications are made through their Certification Department and initial enquiries should be directed there.

Who is the CESR for? Who can apply? 

If you have training, qualifications and experience in a CCT specialty but have gained these partly or completely outside an approved CCT training programme (for example, you have trained outside the UK or EEA), you may apply for a CESR in a CCT specialty.

What does the CESR route involve? 

In a nutshell, you will need to compile a portfolio of evidence to prove you have achieved the equivalent skills and experience of a doctor who has completed a full GMC-approved training programme. 

You can collect this evidence prospectively through non-training jobs.

Is it the right route for me? Yes, if…

  • You have already completed specialty training back home

If you have already completed Specialty Training, then you’re unlikely to want to repeat it. 

  • You haven’t completed training, but you have too much experience in your specialty to apply for training posts. 

In both scenarios, even if you are willing, you may be overqualified to apply for training.

Doctors who have complete specialist training overseas or via a non-CCT pathway may be eligible for entry without further training. You can check using the guidelines below: 

You will need to demonstrate all specialty learning outcomes specified in the relevant CCT curriculum.

Are there other senior NHS positions available?

It is important to note that you can apply for more senior roles such as a SAS doctor, specialty doctor or a locum consultant (locum consultants are not required to be on the Specialist Register). 

This way you will have better pay and the roles and responsibilities are more appropriate to your level of experience compared to a junior trainee. While working in these jobs you can collect evidence of your competences. 

This is also a quicker route to the UK than the CESR route, which can take a substantial amount of time. 

Legal requirement before taking a substantive, honorary or fixed term NHS consultant post in the UK: 

It is a legal requirement that doctors must have their names entered on the General Medical Council's (GMC's) Specialist Register before taking up substantive NHS consultant posts in the UK. 

What are the achieved standards? 

To apply you will need to have either a specialist qualification or have undertaken a period of specialist training (not less than 6 months anywhere in the world).

Your application is measured against the GMC standard. 

The GMC break down the standard into four domains mirroring the headings of Good Medical Practice

The GMC recommend that you allocate the evidence you provide with your application in the following way:

Domain 1: Knowledge, Skills and Performance - 75%

Domain 2: Safety and Quality - 20%

Domain 3: Communication, Partnership and Teamwork - 5% (combined for

both domains 3 & 4)

Domain 4: Maintaining Trust - 5% (combined for both domains 3 & 4)

The full list of evidence needed for each specialty is provided here.

How can I prepare my evidence for CESR applications? 

As CESR applications are currently a completely paper-based process it is important to think about the evidence you present. You should:

  • Research/think about the types of evidence you will need and begin to gather your evidence well in advance of making your application.
  • Make sure that your evidence is current and of the highest possible quality.
  • Always note any curriculum changes – you will be assessed against the most recent one 
  • Ensure that the evidence you collect demonstrates your competence across the whole of the curriculum, not just your sub-specialty.  
  • Throughout your application you should refer to the Specialty Specific Guidance in your specialty (or the most relevant if applying in a non-CCT specialty). 
  • You should also refer to the relevant CCT curriculum in your specialty; as this is the standard that all CCT applicants will be measured against.
  • Look thoroughly at the GMC guidance available and get advice on your application from the GMC before you apply.
  • Remember to refer to the relevant CCT Curriculum and Specialty Specific Guidance for the evidence requirements in your specialty.    

The GMC has strict guidelines for presenting evidence, including verification, anonymising and translating documents. We strongly advise all IMGs to take a look here and familiarise themselves with the criteria.

What if my application is not successful? 

Following an unsuccessful application, you can apply for a review within 12 months of receiving your decision from the GMC. You can apply for a review of the GMC’s decision on the grounds that: 

  • You now have additional evidence to submit that addresses the areas of your application in which you were previously unsuccessful 
  • You believe that there has been a procedural error or unfairness in the processing of your original application. 

Please refer to the GMC guidance for further information on applying for a review. 

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Relevant Jobs

52,530 - 82,400

A new role as Specialty Doctor in inpatient child and adolescent mental health service at a Trust rated  \"Outstanding\" by the CQC has just opened for both UK based and overseas candidates. Based in a city just north of London the trust supports doctors looking to build experience before entering ST4 or to support with CESR applications. 

This is a great opportunity for overseas Specialty Doctors who want to establish themselves in the NHS, and grow their career. The post is suitable for candidates holding specialisation in the EEA, or for experienced IMGs looking to complete CESR.



  • MRCPsych
  • Experience in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Specialist certification in Psychiatry (desirable)
  • Experience in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
UK based: 
  • Experience in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

An exciting NHS job opportunity is open for a Consultant Clinical Oncologist specializing in Lung & Breast Cancer at an NHS Trust that has been rated \"good\" over all by the CQC. This NHS Trust has undergone significant development, emphasizing patient and community care excellence. With £58 million in national funding, the Trust boasts a University Hospital status, prioritizing research, education, and training. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) lauds the Trust\'s outstanding performance, with 992 beds and 92% patient recommendation, serving a population of 675,000.

This position aims to strengthen the Oncology team, focusing on lung cancer care and Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy (SABR). Situated at the dynamic centre within the \"good\"-rated trust, the role contributes to systemic treatment advancements and ongoing research. The Oncology Department at the Combined Haematology Oncology Centre caters to 1-1.5 million residents. Designated as a Cancer Centre since 1996, the Centre collaborates with neighboring hospitals, fostering a multidisciplinary approach. The purpose-built Cancer Centre, equipped with advanced imaging, provides nurse-led services, chemotherapy units, and home-delivered immunotherapy.

The post holder is expected to: 

  • Participate in all facets of departmental activity.

Career development at the Trust includes access to CESR support, specialty training, and opportunities for external duties. The forward-thinking Oncology department initiated SABR practices in 2021 and maintains a dynamic research team supporting various clinical trials.

Life in the area, a historic home of the Royal Navy, offers cultural richness and proximity to scenic countryside. A thriving artistic community, excellent schools, and various development projects contribute to the vibrant atmosphere. The area combines city conveniences with picturesque villages, making it an excellent place to raise a family!

This comprehensive opportunity integrates the Consultant role, SABR RT specialisation, CESR support, and coastal life in the UK, creating a fulfilling and enriching professional and personal experience. 


EEA Candidates: 

  • Recognised European Medical Degree or Specialist Qualification

Non-EEA Candidates:

  • FRCR or equivalent qualification 

UK Based Candidates: 

  • FRCR qualification

This is a great opportunity for any experienced consultant clinical oncologist working towards CESR in Clinical oncology specialist registration in the UK.

88,364 - 119,133

Want to be a part of a supportive and dynamic team as a Consultant in Gastroenterology?

Embrace this exciting chance to be part of a healthcare environment where your expertise will be valued and your contributions deeply appreciated. An excellent NHS Foundation Trust invites talented and dedicated medical professionals to seize an outstanding opportunity in Gastroenterology at one of their hospitals. As a renowned University teaching hospital, the trust places a strong emphasis on Medical and Dental Education, ensuring that all staff receive exceptional training and patients benefit from top-notch care.

Joining their innovative and dynamic Gastroenterology Department promises a rewarding career filled with diverse cases and comprehensive support from a team of skilled healthcare professionals. As a valued member of the thriving Gastroenterology team, you will have ample career development opportunities. Overseas doctors can work towards completing their CESR and explore sub-specialty areas of interest, further expanding their professional horizons. Moreover, there are exciting opportunities to engage in teaching and supervision of undergraduate medical students, fostering the next generation of medical professionals.

In the are where the Trust is situated, you will discover a vibrant community with a rich historical heritage and a welcoming atmosphere. The city\'s picturesque setting, surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the Lake District and the coastline, provides a serene backdrop for both work and leisure. The area boasts a renowned university, adding an intellectual and creative dimension to the city\'s spirit. The constant influx of students fosters a commitment to learning and research, ensuring you have access to cutting-edge medical advancements and resources to further enhance your expertise.


EEA candidates: 
•    Recognised European Medical Degree or Specialist Qualification in Gastroenterology
•    Extensive experience in Gastroenterology
Non-EEA candidates: 
•    MRCP 
•    Extensive experience in Gastroenterology

UK-based candidates: 
•    Extensive experience in Gastroenterology
•    Within 6-months of CESR or CCT in Gastroenterology

This is a great job for any experienced overseas Gastroenterologists working towards CESR and specialist registration in the UK.

An excellent NHS Trust is currently seeking Consultant Histopathologists for a locum position. This role offers the chance to work alongside a team of ten pathologists within one of the Eastern Region\'s leading healthcare organizations. The Trust is known for its comprehensive acute services. The position is suitable for candidates with EEA specialization or experienced IMGs pursuing CESR.

The NHS Trust is a district general hospital trust comprising three hospitals. It serves the communities of three towns, consistently achieving a commendable CQC rating for its commitment to high-quality healthcare services.

The Histopathology Department is a vital healthcare component, staffed by experienced histopathologists, including consultants and junior doctors. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, the department ensures precise diagnoses for a diverse caseload, from routine biopsies to complex cancer evaluations. Annually, the department handles a substantial number of histopathology and cytology cases, making it an ideal environment for professionals seeking career growth in histopathology.

The hospital is situated in a town that offers both urban and rural settings within reach. The area features diverse schooling options and excellent transportation links, including rail services to London, easy access to major cities, and airports. Housing choices range from modern apartments to family-friendly homes, making it an appealing destination for medical professionals and families alike.

Apply now and get the chance to contribute to the provision of high-quality healthcare services in a dynamic and supportive environment. Experience career growth and an enriching life in an urban area with a touch of scenic beauty.


EEA Candidates:

  • Experience of working in Anatomical Pathology
  • Specialist European Qualification in Anatomical Pathology

Non-EEA Candidates:

  • FRCPath
  • Experience of working in Anatomical Pathology

UK based applicants

  • Experience of working in Anatomical Pathology
  • Within 6 - 12 months of completing CCT

Are you a motivated Consultant in Histopathology looking for NHS jobs? Then this is the outstanding opportunity you\'ve been waiting for!

An awarding-winning integrated NHS Trust and consistently ranked among top 10 in the UK for quality care is looking for a Consultant Histopathologist to join and collaborate with a supportive team in their well-regarded Histopathology Department. They handle a caseload of 20,000 requests annually, and they have a modern and well-equipped facilities. The Department is staffed by a dedicated team of consultants and junior doctors, ensuring comprehensive coverage for a diverse workload.

The department is part of an NHS Trust that serves a population of 250,000 people. Their main hospital provides a range of services including critical care, surgery, diagnostics, obstetrics, mental health and telemedicine. The hospital has undergone significant enhancements, featuring a cutting-edge Emergency Department and a £6 million development for the Acute Medical Unit and Pathology Laboratory. 

The successful candidate is expected to:

  • Provide advice and support to clinical colleagues, and to be available to discuss histological findings.
  • Participate in multidisciplinary clinical care, to attend multidisciplinary team meetings and to assume the role of “Lead Pathologist” in the Cancer Unit Teams for designated sites.

As you contribute to multidisciplinary clinical care and lead in Cancer Unit Teams, enjoy a balanced work/life experience in the tranquil Yorkshire Dales. Furthering your career, the Trust actively supports research and development, participating in national programs and clinical trials.

Working for this NHS Trust means that you will be relocating in an area that offers a mix of housing options, including traditional houses and newer developments. The availability and affordability of housing can vary, so it\'s recommended to explore local estate agents or online platforms for current listings. In addition, it is well-connected by public transportation.

This role is an excellent opportunity for experienced international histopathologists working towards CESR and specialist registration in the UK.


EEA Candidates:

  • Experience of working in Histopathology (essential) 

Non-EEA Candidates:

  • FRCPath or PLAB (essential)

  • Experience of working for Histopathology (essential)

UK based applicants

  • Experience of working in Histopathology (essential)

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