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  • April 10, 2020

What take-home pay can an NHS doctor in training expect from their monthly salary?

Many overseas doctors ask us this question. So to help IMGs plan for life in the UK we put together some examples to give clarity on how much of your salary you'll actually keep each month.

It is important to note that the majority of overseas doctors will start their career in the UK in a fixed term trust doctor role (also known as a service post), before taking up a training position. These can be attractive due to the improved doctor’s salaries that can be negotiated for fixed term contracts, based on experience and demand. 

The NHS doctor salary pay scales that we have included in this article can be used as a guide or starting point for negotiating your trust doctor role (or service post).

Take home pay for UK doctors in training: 

Firstly, take home pay in the UK is the amount that you will receive in your bank account after all deductions have been made from your annual salary. Deductions include Income Tax, National Insurance and NHS pensions. 

It is important to state that this is just a guideline. We have based our figures on the average annual gross salary for each grade, i.e. you have worked additional hours under a typical working pattern where additional pay has been provided. 

The figures can be higher or lower depending on any other sources of income you have, your final tax bracket, whether you opt out of pension, and whether you claim for your tax-deductible expenses.

Take home pay expectations:


Average annual gross salary*

Average monthly take home pay**


£ 33,340

£ 1,960


£ 38,590

£ 2,230


£ 49,920

£ 2,830


£ 63,260

£ 3,430

*before tax and pension
**tax and pension deducted, tax rebates for tax deductible expenses not included

To explore the pay & salary conditions across all doctor grades in the UK take a look at our blog series here.

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