Training, development and career progression in Emergency Medicine 

  • June 28, 2022

One of the main reasons that overseas doctors want to work in the Emergency Medicine departments across the UK, is the excellent opportunity for access to training such as the Specialist Training Programme, career progression, including CESR, and sub-specialty development. 

This short article provides useful information on the training and development available, how to access the training, the best route to becoming a consultant in the UK with entry to the specialist register, no matter what stage of your training.

Emergency Medicine Training, leading to CCT

We start with an overview of the Emergency Medicine Training in the NHS. Trainees may enter the emergency medicine training programme via:

  • The EM (Emergency Medicine) core training programme at ST1. This is a three-year core training programme (starting from ST1 and ending at ST3). 
    For the first two years, trainees will spend 6 months in EM, Intensive Care Medicine, Anaesthetics and Acute Medicine. This is followed by a further year in trauma and paediatric EM. 
  • The start of specialty training (ST4-6) subject to having achieved the necessary competences required for completion of ST3. 

Once ST6 is completed, then a doctor will be added to the specialist register for medicine and hold the title of CCT. This means that they can apply for and practice at a consultant level in the NHS. 


For senior Emergency Medicine doctors (experienced specialty doctors, consultants and heads of departments) there is also the option of CESR. You can apply directly for CESR from overseas, or secure a post in the NHS with CESR support and complete your application in the UK. This is a good option for those wanting to take up their first role in the NHS as a speciality doctor (leading to consultant) or as a locum consultant.

Applying from abroad can be lengthy, and it is certainly not the quickest route towards specialist registration. Most IMGs prefer to secure a post with CESR support, so speak to your IMG Consultant to learn more about the best route to the UK for senior doctors seeking consultant jobs in Emergency Medicine.

Most senior Emergency Medicine job vacancies advertised will offer support with CESR, access to training and career progression, and senior managers will encourage you to develop your own professional interests.

Emergency medicine departments in the NHS are particularly supportive of doctors seeking to develop both personally and professionally. To find out what jobs are on offer take a look here

If you think that a Specialty Doctor post with CESR support is suited to you, or if you are a consultant or head of department, then you can find out more information here

For further advice on how to secure the right job for you in the NHS, take a look at our the following article.

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