Emergency Medicine - finding a job in the NHS

  • April 10, 2020

Here we look at finding an NHS doctor job in emergency medicine and why you should choose a career in the NHS.

We  will explore the growing demand for Emergency Medicine specialists, offering guidance on how to find the right job suited to your own professional preferences, discussing how to research work in the NHS ER, criteria for GMC registration, (MRCEM, FRCEM & IELTS exemption) as well as some useful resources to get you started. 

Growth in Emergency Medicine means that the NHS will rely on recruiting more overseas emergency medicine specialists in order to meet growing demand to fill jobs across the country. Emergency care departments and the doctors who work within them are the foundations of the NHS. Staff working in EDs in the UK deliver high quality patient care for all patients presenting with minor or critical life-threatening and life-changing conditions. 

We hope that you too will consider working in some of the best ERs in the world across the NHS. 

First steps towards your new job in the NHS: 

A stable workforce within the ED departments across the UK is crucial, as such at IMG Connect we have developed a specialist approach to Emergency Medicine recruitment.

Responding to staffing challenges within EDs in the NHS, we have created a dedicated department for Emergency medicine specialists, where you will work with a dedicated consultant who makes it their responsibility to know your chosen field inside and out.

We have taken steps to ensure that IMG Connect and NHS organisations collectively work to help recruit and retain the very best specialists, ensuring a large enough workforce with the right skills, behaviours and values to deliver care in our EDs.

No matter what stage you are at in the process of relocating to the UK, you can speak with a specialist consultant in Emergency medicine, who will work with you to establish the areas that we can offer the most effective support for you. 

Why choose to work in Emergency Medicine in the UK?

The Emergency Department is where the public know to come when they need help, they value the service and in return you have the privilege of helping people when they are most in need. Here are a few of the reasons to work in Emergency Medicine in the NHS: 

  • You work with the full range of illness and injury, in all types of patients.
  • The ED department in the UK means that you will see the ‘best bits’ of all the specialties. 
  • There are no long ward rounds. 
  • Flexible working exists in all departments, giving you the chance to have a better quality of life. Don’t believe the myths!
  • Flexible working as a consultant is the most flexible in the NHS. 
  • Flexible sessional working allows for a more family friendly environment. 
  • The Emergency Department is the front door of the Hospital and the ‘shopwindow’ of the NHS. 
  • Staff morale is high, despite working in a challenging environment. 
  • You will work as part of a team - with a shared team spirit and camaraderie 
  • You will have access to excellent opportunities to develop a special interest in almost any subspecialty or area of interest. 
  • Career progression and stability is always available
  • Access to CESR and the specialist register is widespread, and hospitals are highly supportive to overseas doctors to make sure that this progression happens
  • Recognised subspecialties and niche personal interests are encouraged
  • Consultant vacancies have increased making this specialism more and more of a attractive career choice in EM 
  • EM is an excellent career choice for those looking for flexibility and balance.

Do some research: 

Don’t just take our word for it, we advise that you do some research online to explore the various opportunities and experiences that await you in the Emergency Department in the NHS. 

There are many free resources available to help you explore what it is like to work in an ED in the UK, here are a few that we think will be useful: 

Don’t forget, we are always here to answer any questions you may have and offer our support in any way we can. 

Find out what jobs are available: 

There has been significant investment in the UK geared towards growing the number of ED trust doctors, SHOs, specialty doctors and consultants over recent years. There are many ways to get access to these jobs, including online via NHS jobs, through networks of doctors, and through an agency, such as IMG Connect

You can search jobs and apply for Emergency Medicne jobs here

Working with an IMG Connect specialist in Emergency Medicine you will receive access to the widest possible range of current and future vacancies in the UK. Better still, your consultant will spend time getting to know you personally, understanding both your personal and professional relocation needs.

A key benefit in terms of working with a specialist is that they will be able to give you an honest assessment of each job, including but not exclusive to, advice on the following: the hospital, standards and CQC reports, working in the ED, the local area, cost of living, housing, quality of life, job expectations and career progression. Advice that is designed to ensure you can settle into life in the UK and focus on your career in the NHS. 

Speak to a consultant today to discuss your career options in the NHS and get the widest access to jobs and advice. 

Get the right qualifications: 

All Emergency Medicine doctors looking to secure a job and work in the UK, whether you are from inside or outside of Europe, will need to satisfy certain criteria to fully register with the Emergency Medical Council (GMC) before beginning their journey in the NHS.

If you qualified as a doctor outside the EEA, then you will have to demonstrate that both your medical knowledge & skills and English Language capabilities meet the level required to practice safely in the UK. 

In addition, you will need to apply for a visa from the UK Home Office. 

Take a look at our articles on each qualification: 

English language exemption: 

Many trusts or hospitals will be able to offer English Language test exemption for overseas doctors in emergency medicine specifically. This is a process that can be used when an ER needs to meet demand for doctors quickly.

Not every hospital will accept IELTS exemption, so relying on this process means that the number of available posts could be reduced slightly. That said, a great number of our NHS partners are able to offer this exemption, to establish what this could mean for you, our best advice is to speak to an IMG Consultant to discuss further. 

In summary, Emergency Medicine in the NHS has developed into one of the most exciting and rewarding careers, offering great opportunity for career progression through the specialist training programme or CESR. It attracts individuals who thrive on challenge and variety and can offer professional development in areas of personal interest.

Working with an IMG Consultant specialist in Emergency Medicine will give you access to the best advice and job opportunities. As well as helping you to make decisions about the hospitals you wish to work in, they will also ensure you and your family relocate and settle into your new life in the UK.

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