So you got your MRCEM OSCE Results....what next?

  • April 07, 2020

Today is the day! The MRCEM OSCE results are released... 

IMG Connect wishes all emergency medicine specialists good luck with their results today, we hope you all achieve the result you deserve! Whether your passed or failed, here we'll offer some suggestions on what to do next.

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I passed the MRCEM OSCE:

So, what next? First things first, you deserve to celebrate and get some relaxation in! Emergency Medicine doctors who have attained full MRCEM and secured a job in the NHS, all tell us that the MRCEM OSCE is a tough examination and it is an emotional moment when you pass. So much hard work goes into to reaching this stage, so book yourself a holiday! Or at least kick off your shoes and put your feet up :-) 

Then it is a good time to think about what steps you should take when finding the job you are looking for in the NHS, or wherever you may be considering finding your next role. Many considerations will enter your head such as do I need to my english exam? What grade will I be eligible for? What salary can I attain? And of course what are the ways I can actually find an A&E job in the UK?

As specialists in International Recruitment of MRCEM qualified Emergency Medicine doctors, whether it’s finding you an accredited English tutor, preparing your CV for professional representation or finding you a great role with a fantastic salary - IMG Connect is here to help.

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Salary Review:

Check your NHS salary against the NHS pay scale and current vacancies in the UK.

CV Review:

Unsure whether your CV is in the right format for NHS hospitals? Request a CV review here to ensure your CV is in the best shape for any NHS employers looking for emergency medicine specialists like yourself!


Register your details with IMG Connect to receive a 1-2-1 personalised service from one of our Emergency Medicine Specialists. We have a team that recruits only International Emergency Medicine doctors like yourself in securing work across the UK & Ireland. Register today and one of our team will get back to you immediately!

English Testing: 

Passing your english language exams is an important next step for many Emergency Medicine doctors that pass their MRCEM. Take a look at relevant blogs and articles from the IMG Library on OET, IELTS and Preparing for English Language Exams.

IMG Library: OET - numerous blogs and articles relating to the OET exams, written specifically for international doctors

IMG Library: IELTS - numerous blogs and articles relating to the OET exams, written specifically for international doctors

IMG Library: English Language Tests - many helpful blogs and articles on English Language Testing, written specifically for international doctors

I did not pass the MRCEM OSCE:

If you did not pass the MRCEM OSCE - don't worry! The overall pass rate for those that attempt a second time is extremely high (90%+) so your hard work and dedication will pay off very soon! Take some time out to relax and enjoy life and come back stronger. These moments will only make you stronger and a better doctor in the long run so as the British say, chin up and strong upper lip!

At IMG Connect we've take the time to prepare and collate the best preparation resources for the FRCEM OSCE - and we would be delighted to share these with you. Click on the buttons below to either register with the IMG Connect team so we can talk you through this or request the MRCEM OSCE resources to help you pass the next time - without fail!

If you have any questions about how to secure an NHS job in Emergency Medicine or prepare for the MRCEM OSCE (including advice on dates, fees, courses, resources, mock scenarios, online materials and revision books) then don’t hesitate to get in touch with an IMG Consultant.


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